3 Days 5.1 Holidays – Chinatungsten Online

As all companies in China, we have 3-days Holiday for  1st May, the days of labors. The holidays from 29th, April to 1st May, 2013. Hope our girls and guys have a nice holiday. Today, Ms Tang and Li come back office for answering some email from our clients which send us some inquiring about tungsten carbide.  Ms Tang have prepared a contract to our India customer when I come to our office afternoon. Thx 4 your hard working, Tang! — Hanns ... ...Read More>>

Chinatungsten Online—A Big Warm Family

Just before I getting off my work this evening, I learned that one of my ITD colleagues—Xiao Guo had resigned for private reasons this week. Haven’t communicated a lot with him, I have the impression that he’s a funny guy who likes playing jokes on others. He smiles often, for which I believed he was an easy-going type, so sometimes I asked him for advices on work, such as the package of tungsten products. Chinatungsten Online is just like a big warm family, we co-operate with each other and have fun together, so his resignment brings us some kind of upset, I shook hands wi... ...Read More>>

Having Exercise During Inspection of Tungsten Products

Well, I have been “trapped” in the inspection-room for another whole day. I’m not complaining about the tiredness or anything else, instead, what makes me confused is how could the products be increasingly larger and heavier? I have inspected products of several types, ranging from tungsten needle to tungsten carbide rod, all of which are well-processed and shiny. If I am not mistaken, the heaviest tungsten products I have inspected is two tungsten carbide rods of nearly 6.5kg respectively. Having tested all these tungsten products, I would pack them up, then what if I become... ...Read More>>

Tungsten Carbide Pins, What Pretty!

I have to confess that the tungsten carbide pins I tested today are the most lovely tungsten products I’ve ever seen. They are quite tiny and delicate. Shaped in small columns, tungsten carbide pins are formed by fine gray tungsten carbide powder that can be pressed and formed into shapes for use in industrial machinery, tools, abrasives,as well as jewelry. It’s really hard to imagine its application in jewelry, but in fact, tungsten carbide products are indeed increasingly popular in jewelries, such as tungsten carbide bands and rings, and one of the most important reasons is that... ...Read More>>

Modifying Mini-websites of Chinatungsten Online Has Never Been Easy

It is never to late to learn. Recently, I have been learning to edit web-pages, as an English-major student, honestly it’s not an easy task for me, I’m totally a green-hand in this field. Another point, you know what, Chinatungsten Online has webpages more than 500 thousand, including NEWS and CTIA pages, even though we are modifying just some of them, it’s still a large project. Today, because of my carelessness, I made several mistakes, which degraded the efficiency and increased the workload of Miss. Tang, to whom I felt sorry. ... ...Read More>>

中钨在线主站PDF钨制品资讯版上线测试- http://i.chinatungsten.com

网络技术部的帅哥wu近日修改完成的公司主网站新版本 http://i.chinatungsten.com 正式上线测试。 这是个全新的版本,也是一个全新的尝试,希望把公司多年来积累的行业资料、资讯和钨制品产品标准、技术要求、书籍等上传到网上公开给所有的访问者。这几天我们试着放了几页资料,看看速度、效果等各方面的情况如何,当然和这个博客一样,还没有提交谷歌和百度sitemap,请大家都来围观下,看看有没有问题,系统好不好用,以便改进之。 有兴趣的同... ...Read More>>


假期还没开始,我们就准备把老服务器上公司多年积累的钨制品的照片转移到新的服务器上,作为替代,以防老服务器出问题,那些照片遗失了,我们专门买了新的电脑,特别增加了硬盘容量,也买了新的交换机,两台电脑对着拷贝,还是速度很慢!现在的相机像素很高,所以使用的空间容量很大,拷贝的速度也就很慢!但是由于我们这么多年积累的照片量实在太大,所以没日没夜的导数据,到现在还没完结,真不知道一个假期够不够用的!   ... ...Read More>>

Page Views of Chinatungsten Online Break Million Mark

Time flies, I have been in Chinatungsten Online for one and a half month. Honestly speaking, I’m still managing to adjust myself to my new life patterns. My daily life becomes busier but much more fruitful in the meanwhile. Recalling the past few weeks, the most impressive event is celebrating the birthday of Chinatungsten’s main website – www.chinatungsten.com, who just got its page view over 1 million during a short span of three years. In addition, according to reliable statistics, the number of visit counts of Chinatungsten Online amounts to more than 5 million since Chi... ...Read More>>


五一假期期间,国外客户的信件还是不断地发过来,估计国外可能不会像我们一样有把周末都凑起来的小长假,所以他们还在工作,今天负责硬质合金的tang, li & gui几位美女到公司来加班,处理一些关于硬质合金产品需求的邮件,修改一些钨钢刀具方面的网页! 硬质合金产品是一个非常复杂的产品体系,一位数十年供职于山得维克的何姓朋友曾经说过,如果哪位能真正看懂和理解他们的产品和技术说明书,那都算的上是一位硬质合金的高手,硬质... ...Read More>>

中钨在线 第一个钨制品企业的微博开通

http://blog.chinatungsten.com 这是中国钨制品行业的第一个企业微博! 也是中钨在线科技有限公司的自我并与外部分享的平台! 钨制品行业并非轻松生存之地,自1997年以来,中钨在线科技有限公司一直秉持创新的精神和理念在苦苦地争取自己的生存空间,仿佛一个瘦弱小苗,在你死我活的丛林中找寻一线阳光和空间,长期以来我们都试图把自己工作中酸甜苦辣的感受记录下来,作为自己的足迹,与现在和将来分享,现在这个系统呈现在我们面前,希望所... ...Read More>>