Last Day of 2015

Nothing special today, but it’s a special day. Looking back to the past 2015, these important events deserve to be kept in mind: 1.2015.3.3  National Two Meetings was held in Beijing. “Internet Plus” was first put forward by Prime minister Li. 2.2015.4.6  PX project exploded once again in Fujian. 3.2015.6.15  Share A starts to slump. 4.2015.8.12 Severe Explosion in Tianjin. 5.2015.9.3 Military parade for the 70th anniversary of  Anti-Japanese War Victory 6.2015.11.7 Historic meeting of Chairman Xi and Ma Yingjiu in Singapore. 7.2015.12.1 RMB is included into SDR and bec... ...Read More>>

Winter Solstice Festival in China

As early as 2,500 years ago, about the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC), China had determined the point of Winter Solstice by observing movements of the sun with a sundial. It is the earliest of the 24 seasonal division points. The time will be each December 21 or 22 according to the Gregorian calendar. The Northern hemisphere on this day experiences the shortest daytime and longest nighttime. After the Winter Solstice, days will become longer and longer. As ancient Chinese thought, the yang, or muscular, positive things will become stronger and stronger after this day, so it should be c... ...Read More>>