Headache on Tungsten Gold Plated Bar Surface Control

Today I received tungsten gold plated bar after gold plating process. I thought that the surface control should be better this time, but it seems still much far away from that. A better way for surface control is under studying and adjusting, though there were so many troubles we have got, I still believe that we could make it, as we have our high-tech Chinatungsten Team,  never give up and move on solving that problem. Only feeling terrible sorry about our clients, anyway, we conifrm will see the active result soon…… ... ...Read More>>


依据人社部、财政部《关于调整失业保险费率有关问题的通知》(人社部发[2015]24号)以及省人力资源和社会保障厅、财政厅、省地税局《关天调整失业保险费率有关问题的通知》(闽人社文[2015]162号)的文件要求,7月起失业保险费率调整如下: 1、本市户籍参保人员(包括本市户籍在岗职工、按本市标准缴纳失业保险的外来管理技术人员、外籍管理技术人员、港澳台管理技术人员、就业困难人员中被认定为灵活就业的人员)失业保险单位缴费比例从2... ...Read More>>


个人信息一旦在网上发布,很有可能会被搜索引擎抓取,特别是在知名社交网站、专业网站上发布的内容。可能您并不希望这类个人信息出现在搜索引擎的搜索结果中,以下方式可以帮助您阻止个人信息在搜索结果中出现。 如果您是在其他网站上发布的内容: 1、在社交网站中,您可以针对个人信息设置浏览权限,例如只有朋友或者自己可以浏览;如果您不愿让陌生人看到某些照片或信息,则应该慎重考虑是否公开发布这些内容。 2、如果相关内容出... ...Read More>>


茶,属于山茶科,为常绿灌木或小乔木植物,植株高达1-6米。茶树喜欢湿润的气候,在中国长江流域以南地区广泛栽培。茶树叶子制成茶叶,泡水后使用。茶树种植3年就可以采叶子。一般清明前后采摘长出4-5个叶的嫩芽,制作茶叶质量非常好,属于珍品。广泛流行于世界的保健饮品,起源于中国。中华茶文化博大精深,汉人饮茶已有几千年的历史。 三皇五帝时代便有神农以茶解毒的故事。 茶叶中所含的成份很多,将近500种。主要有咖啡碱、茶碱、可... ...Read More>>


宝宝一岁多了,最近几周经常受到感染而频繁的发烧,真是揪心啊! 目前为止,已经有两次感染性发烧了,一次是常见的病毒性感染引起,一次是细菌性感染引起的。起先我们都不知道是怎么回事?以为宝宝只是因为长牙才发烧的,就给她贴下退热贴进行物理降温,当发高烧时候再给它吃退烧溶液,退烧挺快的,本以为就这样好了,谁知道第二天又发烧了,如此反复多次之后,觉得不对劲,她爷爷就带她到厦门市妇幼保健院给医生看看,检查血常规... ...Read More>>

How to Make Dragon Boat Festival Food-Zongzi

Zongzi is generated from bamboo rice, which is made to commemorate Quyuan, who has been great Poet and Politician in China. How to make a Zongzi is really not so easy thing, but there are simple steps.  Chinatungsten colleagues has tried to make this kind of food for his staff. 1)Preparation: leaves, strings, rice, meat, others, such as scallops… 2)Steps to make Zongzi 3)Zongzi Made 4)Boiling. Welcome to share your Zongzi. ... ...Read More>>

Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar. For thousands of years, the festival has been marked by eating zong zi glutinous rice wrapped to form a pyramid using bamboo or reed leaves) and racing dragon boats. Last week, I had gone home, and as the dragon boat festival is approaching, my Mather has bought some reed leaves, glutinous rice, pork and peanut. We had made some rice dumplings, in our brother’s opinions, these were very delicious. So he had eaten many rice dumplings. I do not li... ...Read More>>