Year-end Banquet of Chinatungsten

The end of Lunar 2014 for a company is Year-end Banquet, which has been a method for a company to celebrate the success of a year. In Chinatungsten, we also hold this kind of activity, for not only a feast but a great ceremony. All members of Chinatungsten are gathering together to share and remember the past a year. In 2014, Chinatungsten has held lots of activities, including Pingpong competition, Darts competition, Ball checkers for entertainment, and also contract exam, book sharing and learning team for learning more knowledge. At the same time, Chinatungsten has invited hotshots to play... ...Read More>>


进行电脑维修应遵循的基本原则: 一、 进行维修判断须从最简单的事情做起,简单的事情,一方面指观察,另一方面是指简捷的环境。简单的事情就是观察,它包括: 1、 电脑周围的环境情况——位置、电源、连接、其它设备、温度与湿度等; 2、 电脑所表现的现象、显示的内容,及它们与正常情况下的异同; 3、 电脑内部的环境情况——灰尘、连接、器件的颜色、部件的形状、指示灯的状态等。 简捷的环境包括: 1、在判断的环境中,仅包括基本... ...Read More>>

The Ninth Day on the First Month of the Lunar Year

Today is the ninth day on the first month of the Lunar Year, the Jade Emperor’s (commonly known as God) birthday. It is a festival in the southern region of Fujian province and Han folk of Taiwan Province. Local people attach great importance to this day, so it is excitement as much as New Year’s Eve. Close to this day, every household will clean house, make many food as offerings to pray, such as turtle cakes, etc. Before the festival, the evening of the eighth day of the Lunar, the whole family must keep wake to midnight. After 12 o’clock, each have lit firecrackers and fireworks, ... ...Read More>>


第一章 总 则   第一条 为加强股权转让所得个人所得税征收管理,规范税务机关、纳税人和扣缴义务人征纳行为,维护纳税人合法权益,根据《中华人民共和国个人所得税法》及其实施条例、《中华人民共和国税收征收管理法》及其实施细则,制定本办法。   第二条 本办法所称股权是指自然人股东(以下简称个人)投资于在中国境内成立的企业或组织(以下统称被投资企业,不包括个人独资企业和合伙企业)的股权或股份。   第三条 本办法所称股... ...Read More>>


马上就过年了,以前每到春节,回到家里都能看到妈妈忙碌的样子,偶尔也给她打打下手。记得小时候最喜欢的就是春节了,妈妈会买新衣服给我们姐弟俩,自己都不舍得买,还会做好多好吃的,我和弟弟在旁边玩,闻到香味就扑噔扑噔的跑到厨房,妈妈还在忙着做,我们就搀着问说:“阿妈,我们能不能先尝尝呢?”但有时候吃到好吃的就忍不住的多拿了点吃,嘿嘿。。。一到春节,我们最开心,但妈妈总是最忙的,每天都早早的起来拜拜了,春节... ...Read More>>

Annual Get Together-Chinatungsten

Feb.14th is Valentine’s Day, However, we spend this day with our Chinatungsten Families. Every colleague had an excellent show on the party. Emily and Ashelly brought a wonderful song to us, Alfred and other boys had a dance which was full of fun and Baoseng had a Sign language performance which named LOVE etc. What’s more, we invite an acrobat and a magician who had a miracle show for us which is joyful and excellent. Except the show, we had an awards ceremony for the table tennis competition, Chinese checkers, dart game, card game and our outstanding employee. Every one got their new... ...Read More>>


CNZZ无线流量分析可以告诉你如何了解你网站的无线情况,无线流量分析可以在统计后台看到什么?无线端产生了多少PV,覆盖了多少移动用户,以及他们在全站流量、用户的占比情况。独立展示了网站被无线设备(如手机品牌机型、操作系统、分辨率)访问产生的流量情况。 我们公司每个网站都是使用的cnzz统计,登陆cnzz后,可点击顶部导航的“无线流量分析”查看无线流量具体分析。 无线流量概况 无线流量趋势图 从网站访问中,提炼出使用移动... ...Read More>>

The Origin of Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is now popularly known as the Spring Festival because it starts from the Begining of Spring (the first of the twenty-four terms in coodination with the changes of Nature). Its origin is too old to be traced. Several explanations are hanging around. All agree, however, that the word Nian, which in modern Chinese solely means “year”, was originally the name of a monster beast that started to prey on people the night before the beginning of a new year. One legend goes that the beast Nian had a very big mouth that would swallow a great many people with one bite. Pe... ...Read More>>

2015如何深入了解用户需求 做有价值的网站

记住,无论在什么时候,我们要去做一个网站,首先第一步就是先要了解我们要做网站主题的用户需求,多数的站长把这类型的需求归根到关键词的分析和收 集总结。但是事实上,还是有很大的差异的,用户需求的探索是我们对于整个站点的设计、布局以及后期的升级发展等一系列的根本,就像一个房子的地基一样。所以今天与大家分享的主题就是用逆向思维去更好的了解用户真正的需求。 互联网经过了这么多年的改革发展,网站优化这项技术也越... ...Read More>>


CAD绘图命令和修改命令快捷指令: 1.绘图命令: PO,   *POINT(点) L,    *LINE(直线) XL,   *XLINE(射线) PL,    *PLINE(多段线) ML,   *MLINE(多线) SPL,   *SPLINE(样条曲线) POL,  *POLYGON(正多边形) REC,  *RECTANGLE(矩形) C,     *CIRCLE  (圆)   A,     *ARC  (圆弧)   DO,   *DONUT(圆环) EL,    *ELLIPSE(椭圆) REG,  *REGION(面域) MT,   *MTEXT(多行文本) T,     *MTEXT(多行文本) B,     *BLOCK(块定义) I,     *INSERT(插入块... ...Read More>>