The Final Fighting In October

From the title of this article “Final Fighting On October”, have you gotten any ideas in you head? The work time? Someone’s birthday? The day gets your wage? Haha~ Today is the last day in October, is there anything you have to do? Is there anything you should finish in this day? For sellers, you may calculate how many things you have done and how many products that you have soled. For students, you may think how many knowledge have get from the book and your teachers told in your lessons. For doctors, you must know the exact information of your patients, may now he/she need have him/her... ...Read More>>

Searching For Chinatungsten Pad

Do you remember Chinatungsten Pad which I mentioned in a few days ago? Well, the whole members of Chiantungsten online do their best to update it all the time, of course, include me. You must do all the content by yourself which comes from your heard not from the internet. To be honest, that is difficult for me, as for my not very good English and knowledge. While, it will be OK, because I am keeping moving and learn it by heart. As the saying goes that “Nothing is impossible to a willing heart” or “Where there is a will there is a way”. [caption id="attachment_611" align="aligncenter"... ...Read More>>

The CAD Training Of Chinatungsten Online Friends

These days we have a CAD training in Chantungsten Online by the teacher who named Vinson. CAD, do you know what it means? Ahha~ CAD is a short for Computer Assistant Design ,which is the tool for drawing and design. CAD is an important symbol to measure the level of a country’s technological and industrial modernization. It is widely used not only in the field of mechanical engineering, construction works but also in the environmental engineering . CAD has more advantages than traditional drawing board. There is an formula on CAD in the following: CAD = design + CAD software applications... ...Read More>>

Have A Yacht Trip In The Sunny Day

Today is sunny; the sunshine makes me feel warm and comfortable. I love this season, this weather for it is not too cool or too hot, the wind, the sunshine, the temperature are all the best condition to my work and sleep, so I got up late this morning.  It is a great pity because I have not been late for many months. Wu~~~~ (>_<) ~~~~ Well, in this great weather, what do you want to do? Traveling? Walking? Having sports? Working? Or sleeping? Here, my Chiantungsten Online friends  who in charge of tungsten heavy alloy get a chance to have a Yacht trip on the ocean which located Xiamen... ...Read More>>

Do You Know MHC Alloy?

Said MHC, what do you think in your head when you see or hear these words first time? Major histocompatibility complex? A band? A trademark? Or ? There many things may you gotten in your head as the different things around you. Here, MHC is the short for Molybdenum Hafnium Carbon, which is one alloy of molybdenum alloy. It has better properties than unalloyed molybdenum. Let me tell you the detail information about it. Let us find it together in the following. MHC alloy also named Mo-Hf-C alloy or molybdenum hafnium carbon alloy, add the Hf instead of Ti and formation of two-phase organization... ...Read More>>

A Yacht Trip for China Tungsteners

Xiamen is an island locates in the south-eastern part of Fujian province. As a coastline city, the shipping industry proves to be quite developed, so as its recreational activities at sea. Just the other day, Hanns took us several China tungsteners to take a Yacht for sightseeing, of course, he was the helmsman. It was an fantastic trip. Both the whether and Yacht were quite geilivable. If I’m not mistaken, there’s some parts of the yacht are made by tungsten alloy, right? I refer you to this article Tungsten Alloy In Yacht, for more details.∩_∩ [caption id="attachment_774" ali... ...Read More>>

Eat Persimmon, No Running Noses

Good morning, everyone! Have a nice day. “Eat Persimmon, No Running Noses” which just says the “Hoar-FrostFalls” in China. Yesterday is the “Hoar-FrostFalls” in China, which usually happens on October 23 each year when the sun reaches thecelestial longitude of 210 degrees. Most areas along the Yellow River have frost falling. As the last solar term in autumn, temperature in many places reach 0 degree Celsius. The vapor in the air freezes on the ground in the form of tiny ice needles or hexagonalflower shapes. The leaves fall and worms stop eating and prepare for hibernatio... ...Read More>>

Bling Bling Tungsten Copper Rods

Well, I always like tungsten copper, which is of shiny golden. Don’t U think it’s easily to mix tungsten copper blocks with golden plates! In China tungsten, most of them are delicately machined into blocks or bars. However, today what I tested are our fine finished tungsten copper rods, U know it..just eh, Damn Pretty! There’re various types of tungsten copper, which determined by the composition of copper. Like 90%W10%Cu, 85%W15%Cu or 70%W30%Cu. By concluding from experience, as the increasing volumn of tungsten composition, the hardness of tungsten copper are higher, but i... ...Read More>>

Pocket China Tungsten

Have U got a pad? Most of you did, I guess. For those friends, China tungsten has recently developed a pad-version of our main tungsten websites for your reference/how considerate huh. See the following: U can see all of our tungsten and molybdenum products on it, whatever you want trioxide tungsten, molybdenum rod, tungsten alloy bar or our tungsten carbide button, etc. Bet U will find the very one you want, also, the categories are still being improved constantly. [caption id="attachment_750" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Chinatungsten on Pad... ...Read More>>

iPad For Chinatungsten

Wahaah~ It comes great news that iPad Chinatunsgten has published online these time, which is a challenge and chance for Chinatungsten Online. The iPad for Chinatungsten has created two languages which are Chinese and English so far and more may be updated in the future. It contains Chiantungsten many information as the following: [caption id="attachment_751" align="aligncenter" width="600"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_752" align="aligncenter" width="600"][/caption] 1. Tungsten and molybdenum products, such as pure tungs... ...Read More>>