No Pain, No Gain

Hello, everybody! It has been a long time no seeing you, how is everything is going on with you? What things are you busy with? For me, I just finished a big tungsten project with one of  my Chinatungsten group team. The one thing gains to me just likes the saying goes that NO PAIN NO GAIN. It is obvious to everybody that the only way to achieve one's goal is to work hard. Just as the old saying goes “no mill, no meal”. Have you ever seen a man who succeeds just by idling about? Of course, the answer is “No”. So we know if you want to gain something, you will have ... ...Read More>>

More Surprises 2 Expect!

We won’t tell U how many funs we had in 2nite’s table-tennis competition, for U know, just beyond words could express. There’re several activities all throughout every year in China tungsten, such as playing tungsten alloy darts,  which is our most important one (Of course,  coz that’s our home-made tungsten products.) And today, we held our annual table-tennis competition, which sparks waves of laughters from our fitness centre. China tungsten never lacks of versatile guys, and tonight’s competition just become another evidence for the fact that China tungsten ... ...Read More>>

Have A Yacht Trip In The Sunny Day

Today is sunny; the sunshine makes me feel warm and comfortable. I love this season, this weather for it is not too cool or too hot, the wind, the sunshine, the temperature are all the best condition to my work and sleep, so I got up late this morning.  It is a great pity because I have not been late for many months. Wu~~~~ (>_<) ~~~~ Well, in this great weather, what do you want to do? Traveling? Walking? Having sports? Working? Or sleeping? Here, my Chiantungsten Online friends  who in charge of tungsten heavy alloy get a chance to have a Yacht trip on the ocean which located Xiamen... ...Read More>>