Happy New Year – Chinatungsten Online

[caption id="attachment_1204" align="alignright" width="194"] Happy New Year – Chinatungsten Online[/caption] Jan 29, 2014 A great sunny day~ Time flies! Just few seconds, 2013 is over, the new year 2014 comes and today is the last working day in 2013, all of us are so excited, we are can not wait to go on the bus/train and arrive at home. The warm weather with sold wind, sun grandfather shows the happy smile in the sky, everything looks so beautiful in the sunshine, also the mood. This morning, I got up earlier than usual, packed all the clothes and shoes into my bag, and cleansed the r... ...Read More>>

Colorful Hyacinths In Chinatungsten Online

Do you like flowers? Which is your favorites? Well, our Chinatungsten Online grows many kinds of flowers, and the most colorful one is hyacinths. Do you know what it looks like? Ahaha~ Let me tell you. Hyacinths is also named Yang narcissus, Narcissus Western, Goshiki Narcissus, when like Kam, Hyacinths Orientals, the Oriental hyacinth, is only one of a large variety, originating in Southeast Asia and West Asia. Hyacinths stands for pleasure, contests, betting, games, sad, sad love, forever remembered etc. It has many colors and different have different means. [caption id="attachment_1177" ali... ...Read More>>

The End Banquet Dinner Party In Chinatungsten

[caption id="attachment_1149" align="alignright" width="277"] Chinatungsten Online[/caption] January 26, 2014, Cloudy Well, today is Sunday, but we still need to work as for the 7days Spring Festival holiday. Yesterday, the sales department of Chinatungsten Online held the END BANQUET DINNER PARTY. All  the departments joined in, wuch as pure tungsten, tungsten carbide, tungsten heavy alloy, molybdenum, IT  etc. Let me share the happiness and funny with you. The dinner was held at 6:00am in SIMING DANGXIAO and everybody came on time. OK, the dinner began; the whole people were excited becau... ...Read More>>

Shining, Shining, My Molybdenum Sheet

Jan 21, 2014, well, the sun grandfather is in the sky, keeps the cold from us all the day time. The beautiful weather brings the nice mood to everyone. It is a great thing to finish the production of my molybdenum sheet in this nice day. The specification is 0.1mmX200mmX200mm, tolerance for thickness +/-0.03mm, width and length for +/-0.1mm. The following photos are taken by me and you can find that it just like a mirror as for it  has the cleaned surface. Molybdenum sheet is made of the material of molybdenum, so that molybdenum sheet owns the properties of molybdenum. Molybdenum sheet can... ...Read More>>

Never Too Late 2-B Brand-new

Recently, as we’re approaching our Chinese New Year holidays, China tungsten is busy collecting various advises to prepare for ushering in a much more fruitful and brand-new coming new year, cuz we firmly believe that, It’s never too late to be Brankde That act has now become a routine of China tungsten, which says everyone should put forward some valuable suggestios or advises to express your best expectations of the future of China tungsten, even I think it’s already quite perfect  in many aspects. However, sometimes we really need to get something new and carve out a b... ...Read More>>

CMC Alloy,Cu-Mo-Cu Alloy,Just Like A Hamburger

[caption id="attachment_1129" align="alignright" width="269"] CMC Alloy – Provided By Chinatungsten Online[/caption] Hey, it is sunny day, all the same. Well, the good weather makes us feel much more comfortable and full of passion. Today, let us have a short profile about CMC. CMC alloy, from the words, you must know that it is the short name of something. Yeah, that right, its full name is copper molybdenum copper alloy, also named Cu-Mo-Cu alloy. CMC alloy is a kind of multiple composite alloy; it is just like a hamburger which has three-tier structures, the Cu lays in the button, the... ...Read More>>

Little Molybdenum Heating Elements

Have a nice day. Congratulations, my little molybdenum heating elements have been finished today. It is Mo rod whose ends have been rounded and the specification is Ø1.0 mm X 10.15 mm, the tolerance is Diameter: +/-0.025 mm, Length: +/-0.05 mm, the surface is washed by alkaline. It is made of molybdenum whose purity is 99.95% and reference density is 10.2 g/cm3. May be now you are thinking about what is it? What dose it looks like? Well, if you want to find the TRUTH just view the following photos which are taken by me. (Like the saying TRUTH COMES FROM PHOTOS) [caption id="attachment_11... ...Read More>>

Tungsten Carbide With Endless Freshness

GOOD NEWS! I’ve just had my another tungsten carbide product finished today. They were customized parts made of YG8 tungsten carbide material, and I suppose they are going to be apply to cutting tools, just as most of others tungsten carbide products. I would never imagine that, one day a gril of my type can do such kind of hard metal biz, just like tungsten carbide I’m selling. However, I must confess that it was the constant freshness of various tungsten carbide products that gradually brought me all they way here. There’re plenties of drawings and inquiries from our hund... ...Read More>>

I am a Molybdenum Girl in Chinatungsten Online

Well, it has been many days no hearing, how are you, my friends? In these days, we are busy dealing with the molybdenum business and taking apart in the matched which was held by Chinatungsten Online, there were so much funny in the process, all of us have a good time. Today, a sunny day which just keeps us form cold and the step of Spring Festival is nearing, everyone is so excited and busy having meetings to summary 2013, and make the new plan for 2014, also contains us, all my Chinatungsten Online colleagues. In the end of 2013, all of our workers in the factory are so busy, they do their b... ...Read More>>

Hey,Do You Wanna To Join Us With Chinatungsten?

Fighting~ Welcome the Spring Festival’s coming; Chinatungsten holds table tennis and darts matches. Well, everyone gets the chance to join in. At last night, we just finished the semifinal of table tennis, which is amazed and excited. On Wednesday, we balloted to determine who and who to against, everyone has 11 balls and who lose full is the fail one. In women’s team, there were 4 groups in total, while the men’s 3. Assuring LADY FIRST, the matches begun. Everyone was full of excitement and nervous, for me, I just took it easy for my poor technology. Haha~ Joanne to Ms. Li/Yuri to Ms. C... ...Read More>>