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Have a nice day.Congratulations, my MoCu alloy products which contain Mo70Cu30 and Mo90Cu10 sheets and rods have been finished today, and I arranged the shipment a few minutes ago. MoCu alloy is one of the molybdenum alloy products. It is also written as molybdenum copper alloy, MoxCuy (the “x”, “y” means the content of Mo and Cu), Mo-Cu alloy etc. In the all, molybdenum copper alloy is the most widely used. Molybdenum copper alloy is made of molybdenum (Mo) and copper (Cu). It has excellent properties such as high electrically and thermal conductive, low coefficient of thermal expansi... ...Read More>>

The First Working Day in Chinatungsten,2014

Happy New Year 2014, all of my dear friends. Time files, 2013 has been over, and 2014 come. I have graduated for more than half a year. However, it is just like yesterday in my head. Today is Jan 2, 2014, the first working day in new year, it is a choice to have good beginning of work an life. In this year, have you wished anything in your heart? What do you want to be? The goal is? My new year wish is to hope all of the persons which around me lead a happy, healthy life, everyone has a satisfied job and earns much money. Ahaha~ what about you? [caption id="attachment_1021" align="aligncenter"... ...Read More>>