Impressions of《解密无印良品》

These days, I spared my time to enjoying study a useful book named 《解密无印良品》recommended by Dr. Hanns, and just deeply touched by some views in that book, and my thoughts are complete charged unconsciously in some degree. This is a book stated that how a enterprise to do its sales management and sales promotion effectively, which are understood easily by citing some vivid examples and implements from the band of 无印良品. Here I would like to share some impressions combined to my own experiences: 1.Working schedule is the most important before action. If you do not have a cle... ...Read More>>

Happy Birthday to Ms. Ashley

In the coffee time this morning, the familiar Birthday Song was heard. You may be curious: Is today someone’s birthday? Yep, it is Ms. Ashley’s birthday. We gathered in the meeting room, and were singing Birthday Song for her together. Ms. Ashley was making wishes then, sincerely hope her wished would come true. I like Ms. Ashley’s big smile. After that, we shared the birthday cake together. Again, here, in Chinatungsten, I feel deeply that we are a whole united family, and Chinatungsten is always trying to make everybody feelings of family warmth. Thanks so much. Happy birthday, dear Ms... ...Read More>>

Secret Garden

The coloring  book <secret garden> is soooo popular recently and many people say it can release pressure, so out of curiosity, I also have a try on it. It is really interesting because for the same page, every person may have different thought of color combination, so every painting will be unique. Sometimes when you feel frustrated or angry, slow down a little bit, complaint will only make it worse. Attitude can change everything.                                              ... ...Read More>>

How to Say It

Recently I read a book <How to Say it>. This book covers almost every common used topic that we may need to write a letter or an email in our daily life and work. Although communication via phone and many software take a large part in information exchange, letter and email is more formal  which remains a staple of business success and also an effective way to express your feeling and emotion. Just like speaking, writing is also a kind of art. As we know that information sent out by voice can easily be forgotten, however, once the letter is sent out, it can not be changed. As a result, n... ...Read More>>


《玩转微信营销实战手册》这本书我看完了,感觉还不错吧。这本书强调适合微信营销的用户群是年轻人,因为年轻人使用微信的比例和频率都是最多的。它主要介绍了如何通过线上线下活动和微信基本功能来寻找客户增加粉丝,当粉丝达到一定量的时候,我们又该如何去分类了解客户,分类推送针对性营销信息,内容为王锁住客户,更强调了微信互动的重要性,即从机械的自动回复转为人工客服的个性化回复,以此来留住客户,促进成交率。 通过... ...Read More>>


这周真是折腾!应该是上火的缘故吧,牙疼了一周!在孕期的特殊时期内,牙疼真是要命,不能吃药止痛,还好后来慢慢的只是隐隐作痛,但也是够我受的了。俗话说,牙疼不是病,疼起来真要命!说的不虚,牙疼的难受相信很多人都有经历过吧,一疼起来真是让人痛苦不堪啊,真的想一棒子把自个儿打晕的冲动! 牙疼的原因,让我食欲下降,吃都是件痛苦的事情了!后来跟婆婆说了,她说应该是胎火大,就是火气比较大的缘故,让我每天要喝下绿... ...Read More>>


这不是广告,这不是广告,这不是广告,重要的事说三遍。 想给大家推荐一个集娱乐和学习为一体的APP——英语魔方秀。 这是我去年发现的一个英语学习配音软件,自从下在手机里就从来没删掉过呢(⊙v⊙) 英语魔方秀是一个通过看电影追美剧就把口语轻松搞定的App;内容不再是一成不变的书本或者课程,而是最新,最IN的流行美剧和美影;老师不再是路人甲乙丙,而是美国好莱坞名流;通过跟读模仿我们出品的专业课程,你的口音将迅速摆脱“矮矬... ...Read More>>


我一直很奉行一句话“working hard, playing hard”,工作的时候要全身心投入,等到工作完成离开公司就要开始享受自己的生活,陪陪家人和朋友,看看书充实自己或者趁着长假去旅行。因为只有这样才不会觉得自己的一生都是为了工作而活,不会把自己的疲惫怪罪在工作上。最近读了一本书,里面提到欧美国家与日本截然不同的生活方式和工作氛围,我想每个人看到这个章节的时候都会深刻反思下自己“我有好好享受我自己的生活和工作吗?”。其中的... ...Read More>>


《易經雜說》是著名學者南懷瑾先生有關《易經》的講記。其中,前部分主要介紹了《易經》的一般知識,以及與之相關的一些問題。後部分著重解釋了六十四卦(始“乾卦”,終“未濟卦”),而以對“乾卦”的解說為最詳。內容包括:卦名、卦辭、爻辭,以及解釋它們的《彖辭》、《象辭》、《文言》等。具有深入淺出、通俗易曉的特點。 《易經雜說》的作者南懷瑾先生是中國當代詩文學家、佛學家、教育家、文化傳播者、詩人、武術家、中國... ...Read More>>


《硬质合金生产原理和质量控制》的主要内容包括:硬质合金的发展与应用;硬质合金原料粉末性能的表征;硬质合金物理力学性能和组织结构的表征;钨冶金工艺与质量控制;金属钴粉和钨粉的制备与质量控制;碳化物粉末的制备与质量控制;混合料制备与质量控制;模压成型与质量控制;硬质合金其他成型方法;硬质合金烧结基本理论;硬质合金烧结设备和烧结工艺;废硬质合金的回收利用。 硬质合金的生产流程为:W粉+C →WC →加Co、Tic、Tac、Nbc... ...Read More>>