Nice Business Trip!

Well, we always try to get ourselves busy, so as to make us feel substantial. For me, apart from dealing with all the tungsten carbide biz in the office, I have to confess that, going for business trips and paying visits to our customers make our days more enrich. I have just been back from the three-day’s business trip to some of our tungsten carbide and molybdenum customers with Hanns and Joanne yesterday. We did not often go for these trips because of our busy production schedule and daily stuff, but after all, customers have the invitation and needs, of course we would go, no matter ... ...Read More>>

Getting Discs Right on the Dot!!!

Today, by the end of August, we finally get another batches of tungsten carbide discs finished right on dot. Just like other manufacturers, we always adhered to the tenet that Customers First! So most of the time, when they asked for sooner delivery time, we would try our best to meet it, and in most cases, we did make it. You see, today our workers finally get those tungsten carbide discs finished just before the deadline, and that was really quite a relief…Well done, guys!!! [caption id="attachment_1670" align="aligncenter" width="300"] CTOMS’-tungsten-carbide-disc[/caption] &nbs... ...Read More>>


许多年轻父母都清楚地记得:第一次带宝宝去医院的时间,往往是在孩子出生后的第6、7个月。各大医院的婴幼儿就诊记录也显示,宝宝生病的高峰期,大多集中在6个月~3岁这个年龄段。究竟是什么原因,让这么多出生时接近“10分”的健康宝宝,6个月后的体质突然发生了180度的大转变,出现了健康大跳水? 婴幼儿营养专家的解释给了我们科学的答案:宝宝6个月后,从母体获得的免疫球蛋白和其他营养物质逐步消耗殆尽,他们自身的免疫系统又尚未... ...Read More>>

China Tungsteners’ First Aid Training

Have you ever encountered any accident or come across a scene with injured man lying on the ground? This question may remind you of the recent natural disaster — the earthquake in Ludian, Yunnan Province. Witnessing the reports of increasing numbers of casualties, do U have the impulse to going to the disaster area and try your best to help giving aids to those who needed? Even most of us did concerned much about the affected people, however, we have to make ourselves to be helpful firstly. In addition, allowing for the safety of all the China tungsteners and their surroundings around, i... ...Read More>>

Valentine’s in China Tungsten Again!

Another Valentine is coming…So, is the guy or girl staying by your side remain the same as last year? Early when we came into the office, there already sparked a heated debate over tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. Girls are dicussing over the bunches of roses on the desk, and guessing whose they are…Well, of course they are not mine, and like always, they are for our cutey Cher’s and beauty Emily’s. How romantic and sweet…../Jealousy-ing ∩_∩ [caption id="attachment_1633" align="alignleft" width="200"] Valentine’s Flowers-1[/caption] [caption id="a... ...Read More>>