Valentine’s in China Tungsten Again!

Another Valentine is coming…So, is the guy or girl staying by your side remain the same as last year?

Early when we came into the office, there already sparked a heated debate over tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. Girls are dicussing over the bunches of roses on the desk, and guessing whose they are…Well, of course they are not mine, and like always, they are for our cutey Cher’s and beauty Emily’s. How romantic and sweet…../Jealousy-ing ∩_∩

Valentine's Flowers-1

Valentine’s Flowers-1

Valentine's Flowers-2

Valentine’s Flowers-2













But, then I found that..Why only those tungsten alloy chargers got flowers??? Maybe I should consider transferring to the WHA department…

CTOMS' Tungsten Alloy

CTOMS’ Tungsten Alloy