A Cute Day~

Ahha, yes! Today is Sep.30th, the last day in this Sep, and the most excited thing is that  tomorrow is the National Day in Chian and we will have a long holiday, which contains 7 days. It is the second longest holiday in one year and the longest one is Spring Festvial. Today is cloudy day and the last day before the long holida and our whole Chintungsten partners are do their best to finish the work what they in charge of, that contains molybdenum, pure tungsten, tungsten powder, tungsten carbide and heavy tungsten alloy, everybody is busy and crazy. That is great and makes me passionate. [c... ...Read More>>

Sodium Molybdate

What is sodium molybdate? I just know about them in these days. I gert new things from it, that is a great thing and I like it. Sodium molybdate is always used as What is it ? Sodium molybdate, Na2MoO4, is useful as a source of molybdenum. It is often found as the dihydrate, Na2MoO4·2H2O. The molybdate anion is tetrahedral. Two sodium cations coordinate with every one anion. History: Sodium molybdate was first synthesized by the method of hydration.  A more convenient synthesis is done by dissolving MoO3 in sodium hydroxide at 50–70 °C and crystallizing the filtered product. The anhydrous... ...Read More>>

A Race against TIME!

Sept. 26th, huh? Increasingly clse to our national day, so you guys must be rather excited. So do I. But, I have to keep a cool head, cuz there will be a race against TIME tomorrow! Well, U don’t have to feel pathetic about me, for having our 32 boxes of tungsten carbide rods(almost 1.2MT) finished is indeedly quite comforting, Ahaa…It’s not rare for Chinatungsten to have orders like this, but what makes us stressed is that all those rods must be tested in couple of hours, or we won’t catch up with the sailing date to American. Wish U guys have a sweet dream and we̵... ...Read More>>

AliAli, U Really Make Me Dizzy!!

CALM DOWN, CALM DOWN…that’s what I say the most myself recently. China tungsten Online has set up its own Ali-shop, have U once visited? If the answer is NO, U R OUT, to some degree∩_∩! It’s my first time to operate the backstage of Alibaba, so I must confess that it really drives me crazy with those Ali stuff in those days. However, it’s really excited to put all my cutey tungsten carbide products for sale. (tungsten carbide rod, tungsten carbide ball, tungsten carbide plate, tungsten carbide buttons, tungsten carbide seals…U know what? I finally gotta make t... ...Read More>>

The Best or Nothing

It really has been a long long time for me not being here. What are U guys up to? The best or nothing, these words always haunt me. Cuz I found it precisely summarized all the China tungsteners and tungsten business they have done. I did learned a lot here, not only those tungsten carbide things, but also, how to work in a group. I know I’m not the very little girl any more. Whatever I did, whatever I think, should never be for my own consideration. That’s what I learned from my colleauges, some of them work over time for long time being, and spare no effort to achieve the ultimate... ...Read More>>


这边呢,介绍一下硅钼棒也就是二硅化钼棒的生产工艺。 1. 制备MoSi2基础料:采用高纯度的金属原料Mo粉、Si粉、W粉、 Ta粉,通过自蔓延合成放热反应(自蔓延是利用化学反应自身放热合成材料的一种技术,又被称为燃烧合成),制得硅钼棒制品的基础组份原料。具体步骤如下: 1)将Mo粉、 Si粉、W粉、Ta粉加入球磨罐内混和、球磨,并按料:球=4∶9(重量比) 加入碳化钨磨球,充氮气后一起球磨20~24小时; 2)自蔓延合成反应,将粉料装入反应釜中... ...Read More>>


嗯,好久不见了, 亲们,下午好~ 今天呢,跟我们就来说说什么是硅钼棒? 硅钼棒呢,就是二硅化钼棒,其主要成分为高纯度的二硅化钼。二硅化钼特点如下: 1.极好的高温抗氧化性,抗氧化温度高达1600℃以上,与SiC相当; 2.有适中的密度(6.24g/cm3); 3.较低的热膨胀系数(8.1×10-6K-1); 4.良好的电热传导性; 5.较高的脆韧转变温度(1000℃)以下有陶瓷般的硬脆性,在1000℃以上呈金属般的软塑性。 由于具备以上特点,MoSi被广泛用作发热元件、集成电路、高... ...Read More>>