The Best or Nothing

It really has been a long long time for me not being here. What are U guys up to?

The best or nothing, these words always haunt me. Cuz I found it precisely summarized all the China tungsteners and tungsten business they have done.

I did learned a lot here, not only those tungsten carbide things, but also, how to work in a group. I know I’m not the very little girl any more. Whatever I did, whatever I think, should never be for my own consideration. That’s what I learned from my colleauges, some of them work over time for long time being, and spare no effort to achieve the ultimate. The best or nothing, which I believe it is the creed of their attitude towards the work.  And I really admire them.  I know there’re more challenges in front of me, I just wanna say: May God bless me.