Happy B-day, Ashley!

No wonder that today’s Ashley was extraordinarily beautiful~ Jul. 31, is the b-day of dear Ashley. Thanks to Ashley, I was wondering how could you know I have been crazy for chocolate-cakes recently??! hah…so satisfied with China tungsten’s sweet cakes! MUA.. Wish Ashley’s everyday a happiness!   ... ...Read More>>


北京时间2013年7月29日18:10 前天,Hanns教我们怎么玩飞镖,这可是一个很好玩的事呢! 首先呢,Hanns先生先介绍镧以下飞镖的主要结构以及相应部分的材质: 一支完整的飞镖包括镖羽、镖杆、镖筒以及镖尖。其中有些飞镖的镖羽上有加保护套;镖筒分为可旋开和不可旋开的,即可以对镖筒进行更加,或者加上装饰外套,镖筒的材质不一,有钨钢、铜、镀金等;镖尖分为软镖尖和硬镖尖,软镖尖需要较大的发力,更需要技巧。 接下来是介绍了标靶: 一... ...Read More>>

A Beautiful Accident in China Tungsten

Last night, Hanns organized the whole staff of China tungsten to study the skills of playing tungsten alloy darts, which should have been held early this month. Afer hearing Hanns’ standard manners in playing darts, I was so speechless for my stupid and casual way of playing. As a manufacturer and supplier of tungsten products, China tungsten provided lots of clients with our professionally-made tungsten alloy darts. Compared with ordinary copper darts, our home-made tungsten alloy darts are more popular among clients. Having been directed by Hanns, the head of our ITD—handsome wu,... ...Read More>>


北京时间15;28 好吧,终于完成了喷涂钼丝小网站的版本翻译,繁体、日语、韩语、法语、德语、西班牙语、葡萄牙语、俄语还有土耳其语,共9个版本,126个页面,手指、脖子那个疆呀,酸呀~ 翻译接近半天的的喷涂钼丝,那就来说说是什么是喷涂钼丝吧! 从字面上意思可以理解成表面喷涂上了一层东西的钼丝,这层东西就是石墨,那拆除石墨后,它就呈金属光泽。 [caption id="attachment_385" align="aligncenter" width="354"] 喷涂钼丝[/caption] 那喷涂钼丝是怎么生产... ...Read More>>


今天主要学习和掌握了钼的物理性质,现将所学到的知识在这边和大家分享一下。 钼是一种银白色的的稀有金属,其原子序数为42,相对原子质量为95.94,密度为10.22g/cm3(20℃)。 高熔点和高沸点是钼的显著性特征之一,其熔点为2620℃,仅次于碳、钨、铼和锇。钼的线膨胀系数为(5.8~6.2)*10-6,只是一般钢铁的1/3~1/2,于SiO2相近,线膨胀系数第使得钼材在高温下尺寸稳定,减少了破裂的危险。 钼的热导率是许多高温金属数倍,大约为铜的1/2。 [caption id=""... ...Read More>>

High-tech Equipments in China Tungsten

Have U ever met these following equipments? Or do U know what are they used for? In China tungsten, inspecting tungsten carbide products is one of my major tasks. So I am the one who frequently come into contact with these devices. China tungsten is quite stricted with the tungsten or molybdenum products, therefore, there is no doubt that we’re so well-equipped. The following are our hardness-testing device, density tester, and also, the projector. This projector is differ from the usual ones in playing vedio or as other media-player, it’s used for tesing the diameter or chamfers ... ...Read More>>

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Sad for Miss Going-to-do

Right! I’m the very Miss Going-to-do. I often have various of to-be-done things in my head, such as translating the web-pages of our tungsten carbide products, releasing tungsten news or learning tungsten carbide business. However, most of the time, my practical actions couldn’t catch up with the minds, or I may comfort myself with that plans can never catch up with changes. Now life is getting like a total mess, most of the things were half-done, which make it more difficult to carve a way out. Saints were right about that one cannot have two minds, Maybe the most urgent method I ... ...Read More>>

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Cannot B Tooo Careful in China Tungsten

Today’s topic is about self-examination. Yes, cuz I made a mistake…Well well well, more than “A” mistake. Frankly speaking, I made mistakes everyday, and I believe so did many of UUU. Sometimes I set the unproper keywords when editing tungsten news, or I often misunderstood others’ meaning and did the wrong thing, etc. However, these are not fatal mistakes, I usually considered them as no big deals and forgave myself, thus gradually I developed the habit of carelessness. Until today, when Miss Tang turn over me the quotation table about our tungsten carbide rod of... ...Read More>>

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Meeting My Prince Charming in China Tungsten

Before I graduated from college, I had always kept the faith that I would do foreign-trade business after my graduation. Even I’m so goal-oriented, I still couldn’t make up my mind which field should I take up until I was recruited by Chinatungsten. During my stay here for these months, I find this job increasingly interesting, cuz my curiosity towards these tungsten or molybdenum products constantly urged me find the facts of them. I’ve never known that tungsten carbide rings are also quite popular among couples and U totally have no idea how pretty yellow or purple tungsten... ...Read More>>

A Mind-absent-day!Oo。°〇o

Are U suffering from Friday or Monday syndrome, which makes you feel on tenterhooks?? I am, now, yes, on Wednesday. Maybe it’s because the consecutive days’ sleeplessness. For the whole day, I just couldn’t stop losing minds from time to time. When colleagues around were busy with their pure tungsten, tungsten carbide or other business, I was mind-wandering. Being this was wrong, but I just can’t help. ┬_┬ ... ...Read More>>