Sad for Miss Going-to-do

Right! I’m the very Miss Going-to-do.

I often have various of to-be-done things in my head, such as translating the web-pages of our tungsten carbide products, releasing tungsten news or learning tungsten carbide business. However, most of the time, my practical actions couldn’t catch up with the minds, or I may comfort myself with that plans can never catch up with changes. Now life is getting like a total mess, most of the things were half-done, which make it more difficult to carve a way out. Saints were right about that one cannot have two minds, Maybe the most urgent method I should take is to concerntrate on just one thing, Uh, like inspecting my cutey tungsten copper rods,,,,Bazinga!! Hah~

Seriously, I really wanna get rid of this state, or there will be no ending of my edition towards hundreds of tungsten carbide websites. So guys, just help supervising me.