Cannot B Tooo Careful in China Tungsten

Today’s topic is about self-examination. Yes, cuz I made a mistake…Well well well, more than “A” mistake.

Frankly speaking, I made mistakes everyday, and I believe so did many of UUU. Sometimes I set the unproper keywords when editing tungsten news, or I often misunderstood others’ meaning and did the wrong thing, etc. However, these are not fatal mistakes, I usually considered them as no big deals and forgave myself, thus gradually I developed the habit of carelessness. Until today, when Miss Tang turn over me the quotation table about our tungsten carbide rod of YG10 & YG6 to fill in the data, there arised several mistakes, esp. with the price. Feeling frustrated, I’m worried about What if I’m still so careless? Cuz maybe I’ll sell our tungsten alloy in the price of aluminum alloy, that’s really really a huge deal!!  So, here in China tungsten, we CANNOT B TOO CAREFUL!!!