Quiz Ⅱ- Brief Introduction to Chinatungsten’s Tungsten Alloy

Here’s another passage about introducing one of Chinatungsten’s best selling tungsten products—tungsten alloy. What do you think about this paper? As we all know, tungsten is a kind of tungsten based alloy which mixed with other materials, such as Fe, Ni or others. Generally, tungsten content is ranged from 80%~97%. Tungsten alloy has better properties, such as high density, high tensile strength and good corrosion resistance than lead. The density of tungsten alloy is twice higher than lead which means tungsten alloy has better radiation absorption than lead. So tungsten all... ...Read More>>

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Quiz Ⅰ- Brief Introduction to Chinatungsten’s TZM

Yesterday, all the Chinatungsten’s interns took tests for examing the mastery of professional knowledge about tungsten, molybdenum as well as their related products. The participants wrote several good passages about our products, and here I wanna share them with all of you. The following passage, written by Miss Yu, was about TZM, a really good brief introduction about TZM for you: As we all known that TZM (titanium zirconium molybdenum) alloy is an alloy of which contents 0.4~0.5%Ti, 0.06~0.12%Zr and 0.01~0.04% Carbon with balanced molybdenum. TZM  alloy has a higher recrystallization... ...Read More>>

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Speaking of Working-over-time

Nowadays, with the rapid pace of our modern life, there is quite a many people who are leading a busssy life with lots of working pressure.  Life needs to improve, which certainly requires much more efforts to be done. We can often heard friends around complaining about the friquent working-over-time. After having stayed late for several days, most of them would stay at  home on weekend for rest, then the next Monday, they go on and on cycling. Even most of them will get extra money for their over-time work, to some extent, they indeedly lost much leisure time. As for me, I’m thinking,... ...Read More>>

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韩先生几天前搬来一盆花。粉嘟嘟,一簇一簇的很可爱。询问之后,才知道它的名字叫紫薇花。转念一想,是夏紫薇所说的紫薇花吗? 紫薇花又名满堂红、饱饭花、猴刺脱、五里香、佛相花,是一种被广泛种植的观花树种,为安阳市、徐州市、襄阳市和海宁市市花。紫薇原产中国,是一种适应性强的长寿树种。因其树型不高,所以非常适宜作为庭院观赏树和街道绿化树。紫薇在中国已经有几千年的栽培史,唐朝时就盛植于长安宫廷之中,近几个世纪... ...Read More>>


昨天,某公司的两位IT人士来公司进行公司内网设置。通过安装一款软件,给公司所有电脑的文件加密,以防资料外泄。经过一整天的努力,基本上大功告成。 但在今天早上,小蒋、小陈的邮箱出现了问题。起初以为是网络出现了异常。后来经过各种尝试,发现是软件与软件之间发生冲突。一切都解决啦!希望这样的方式能更好的保护公司以及所有同事。 ... ...Read More>>


端午假期前,公司组织了灭火器使用培训。回来后,还给每位员工配发了消防过滤式自救呼吸器。很多同事都是第一次见这么专业的设备。 近日,公司进行了消防知识的考核。此次考核是开卷考试。内容涉及两次培训所讲授的知识、如何使用消防呼吸器等等。 开卷考试的目的是让公司每位同事都能真正的了解消防知识,在火灾发生时,在能保护好自己的前提下,尽可能的维护公司利益。虽然在具体分析答题时思路有所欠缺,但韩先生还是表扬了大家... ...Read More>>

中钨在线 消防安全培训

五一的时候,公司请消防支队的警官来做个一个消防安全知识的培训(http://image.chinatungsten.com/article-969.html),但是很遗憾由于场地限制,没有做实战的技能培训!最近公司购进一批新的消防器材,包括灭火器和放烟雾的面罩!于是就请灭火器的厂家给我们做了个现场灭火的实战培训!(http://image.chinatungsten.com/article-1088.html)。 大部分同事都有机会进行了实际的操作演练,ITD的帅哥陈,钨钼业务部的Miss Chen 等都学得有模有样!这样的培训,希望大... ...Read More>>

China Tungsten’s Dragon-boat Festival

The next three days are Chinatungsten’s dargon-boat holiday, so first here, I wanna wish all the Chinatungsteners, as well as our customers and all the other Chinese on earth, have a good time during the festival. To our world-wide customers, we would like to inform you that all of your emails will be well treated with as soon as we  came back to work on June 13rd, 2013. Even it is closer to the three-day holiday(that is exciting, isn’t it?!), colleagues of our pure tungsten, tungsten-carbide & tungsten alloy, etc., are still busy with their business, as usual. Frankly speaki... ...Read More>>


昨天我和平时一样下班,当我还在庆幸公交车上最后一块位置被我抢到的时候,我听到厦门BRT金山站附近公交车爆炸的新闻。那一刻我以为车先起火后爆炸,还在想车上的人应该逃得差不多了。可当我回到家后,才发现事实很残酷。临睡前,遇难者已经达到42个,其中包括高考生。 都说水火不相容,可今年他们俩却好像串通好了,决心联手在中国南北大闹一场,东北大火,南方几场大暴雨,这次厦门公交爆炸。太多生命没来由无征兆地被带走,就像一... ...Read More>>


《新英汉词典》第四版修订收入”ZZZ”等网络语言,不知道将来编者愿不愿意把TCP(tungsten carbide products/parts 硬质合金制品、配件), WHA(tungsten heavy alloy 高比重钨合金)等也收入英汉大词典,并且把大辞典做成生物芯片,给付费购买者植入大脑中,不然已经没人能记得住这么多的地球人和火星人都是用的词汇了。 累计发行量超过1300万册,我国迄今为止发行量最大、销售周期最长的外语词典《新英汉词典》昨天宣布完成第四版修订。“ZZZ”、 “2D... ...Read More>>