China Tungsten’s Dragon-boat Festival

The next three days are Chinatungsten’s dargon-boat holiday, so first here, I wanna wish all the Chinatungsteners, as well as our customers and all the other Chinese on earth, have a good time during the festival. To our world-wide customers, we would like to inform you that all of your emails will be well treated with as soon as we  came back to work on June 13rd, 2013. Even it is closer to the three-day holiday(that is exciting, isn’t it?!), colleagues of our pure tungsten, tungsten-carbide & tungsten alloy, etc., are still busy with their business, as usual. Frankly speaki... ...Read More>>

Happy B-day to China Tungsten

Yesterday was definitely a happy day for me, so as for all the China tungstener, I believe. Cuz early in May 25th, 1997, China tungsten was founded. Having seen all the versions of, you must be amazed by the fast and firm development of it, for the establishment of China tungsten would not come overnight and that feeling is just like watching a baby growing up. As for me, I’ ve just  taken lots of photos in the bachelor costume for my graduation from college, which means a lot to me. I was wondering whether I can call myself a real China tungstener now∩_∩. Bt... ...Read More>>