Happy B-day to Ashley!

July has gone, and here comes the August Rush! It always brings good moods at the end of month, for we can throw away everything that upsets ourselves behind and move on with new hopes. Besides this, today we got Ashley having her birthday, so…what a nice day! [caption id="attachment_1628" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Happy-B-day in Chinatungsten[/caption] I felt so lucky to be a member of Chinatungsten group, and having operating the tungsten carbide biz did greatly bring lots of fun and also, it enriched my past days. Having all those growth, I have to express my big thanks to Ashl... ...Read More>>


真是人有旦夕祸福,早上来上班的路上被一部小货车撞了。我骑着车在路上正常的行驶,谁知道半路出来一部小货车往逆行的方向驶来,我来不及刹车就整个撞到了货车车头。司机刚开始有下车看情况,过了一会他看我自行站起来了就以为我没事开着车就走了。我看了下自己的车,整个车头都坏了,而且人脸部及脚部都有擦伤,旁边的阿姨就告诉我说司机往前面的小道方向走了,我就一个劲的追车子去了。追了好一会才把司机追上,就直接坐上了他的... ...Read More>>

Forever Van Persie

Which TEAM are you rooting for? That may be the most popular greeting word when people meet each other since the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Since early June, there sparked a heated debate among the China tungsteners on which team will be the Champion of this year’s world cup, the host team, Spanish or Italian? Even they are busy with all the tungsten stuff, they still stayed up late at night to watch the live game on TVs, which definitely resulted in their nodding off during working time. But anyway, how could you blame them for such exciting moments. Even me, a pseudo-fans, can not ... ...Read More>>