Speaking of Working-over-time

Nowadays, with the rapid pace of our modern life, there is quite a many people who are leading a busssy life with lots of working pressure.  Life needs to improve, which certainly requires much more efforts to be done. We can often heard friends around complaining about the friquent working-over-time. After having stayed late for several days, most of them would stay at  home on weekend for rest, then the next Monday, they go on and on cycling. Even most of them will get extra money for their over-time work, to some extent, they indeedly lost much leisure time.

As for me, I’m thinking, maybe pay them with comp hours and add to a vacation instead of paying extra money is also a good alternative. Colleagues in Chinatungsten Online often work overtime with their busy tungsten or molybdenum business, then I wanna ask, would you guys like to be paid this way?