Quiz Ⅱ- Brief Introduction to Chinatungsten’s Tungsten Alloy

Here’s another passage about introducing one of Chinatungsten’s best selling tungsten products—tungsten alloy. What do you think about this paper?

As we all know, tungsten is a kind of tungsten based alloy which mixed with other materials, such as Fe, Ni or others. Generally, tungsten content is ranged from 80%~97%. Tungsten alloy has better properties, such as high density, high tensile strength and good corrosion resistance than lead. The density of tungsten alloy is twice higher than lead which means tungsten alloy has better radiation absorption than lead. So tungsten alloy is suitable material for radiation shielding that can protect people from damage of radiation.

In addition, tungsten alloy can be also used for military. Depleted uranium (DU) has been widely utilized for penetrator. However, DU may cause radiation pollution. Tungsten alloy attract the attention from manufacturer of penetrator for its non-radiation and non-toxicity. Compared with DU, tungsten alloy is more suitable for penetrator. Otherwise, tungsten alloy can act as counterbalance weights for tanks, submarines and aircrafts.

What’s more, tungsten alloy can be adopted as nozzle for jet engine with its heat resistance. The heat resistance of tungsten alloy allows nozzle work under high temperature (more than 1769℃). Jet engines which equipped tungsten alloy nozzle have been widely adopted by Chinese fighters such as J-10, J-15 and J-20.