China Tungsten’s Visitor

Yesterday, we had one of our most important customers coming to visit China tungsten, and it was very nice of him for taking time from his busy schedule to visit us. Actually, the cooperation between us two parties has been lasted for years, but neither of our two parties had any idea of what sort of person you are. Most of the time, they constantly placed the orders on our tungsten alloys, and then we produced and delivered to their company, and we have discussed about the time of meeting each other for many times, but unfortunately, we still didn’t make it, for various reasons. Despite... ...Read More>>

Nice Business Trip!

Well, we always try to get ourselves busy, so as to make us feel substantial. For me, apart from dealing with all the tungsten carbide biz in the office, I have to confess that, going for business trips and paying visits to our customers make our days more enrich. I have just been back from the three-day’s business trip to some of our tungsten carbide and molybdenum customers with Hanns and Joanne yesterday. We did not often go for these trips because of our busy production schedule and daily stuff, but after all, customers have the invitation and needs, of course we would go, no matter ... ...Read More>>

China Tungsteners’ First Aid Training

Have you ever encountered any accident or come across a scene with injured man lying on the ground? This question may remind you of the recent natural disaster — the earthquake in Ludian, Yunnan Province. Witnessing the reports of increasing numbers of casualties, do U have the impulse to going to the disaster area and try your best to help giving aids to those who needed? Even most of us did concerned much about the affected people, however, we have to make ourselves to be helpful firstly. In addition, allowing for the safety of all the China tungsteners and their surroundings around, i... ...Read More>>

Chinatungsten’s Days for Reading

Here comes Chinatungsten’s Days for Reading recently. Every year in May, all Chinatungsteners should pick up a book to fully throw themselves into it, and then share with others of what you get and aquire from reading. Maybe it is an essay in the newspaper, a movie touched you or the book about Powder Metallurgy, well, it couldn’t be better if you choose the book which help you fulfilling your knowledge about our tungsten and molybdenum products, but anyway, it’s OK only if you can learn something, for the mosting important significance of this activity is that, LIVE AND LEAR... ...Read More>>

China Tungsten’s 17th Anniversay

Time flies, another celebration of Chinatungsten Online’s 17th Anniversary has just held on May 25th. We had English hand-writing competition, BBQ, singing and playing cards, etc. Anyway, all the China tungsteners had millions of fun. At 9:00 on the 25th’s morning, all China tungsteners got together and Joanne hosted the English Handwriting Competetion, and here attached the work of our Champion. Do U wanna guess whose work it is? Speechlessly amazing, isn’t it?! [caption id="attachment_1547" align="aligncenter" width="199"] Jonne’s Handwriting[/caption] [caption id="at... ...Read More>>

Happy New Year, People!

I choose not to go for breaks this noon, to look back into the past year I went through. I still remember in the last day of 2013, I was sitting at the reading room in the library to review my lesson and prepared for the final examination. But now, I sit in China tungsten and doing tungsten carbide business with people all over the world. Time flies, I’m now not a student any more, during the year of 2013, I had my taste changed, I had my hair cut and, I found China tungsten. I did not spend lots of time hanging out with my dear friends any longer, for I had things much more important to... ...Read More>>

Pocket China Tungsten

Have U got a pad? Most of you did, I guess. For those friends, China tungsten has recently developed a pad-version of our main tungsten websites for your reference/how considerate huh. See the following: U can see all of our tungsten and molybdenum products on it, whatever you want trioxide tungsten, molybdenum rod, tungsten alloy bar or our tungsten carbide button, etc. Bet U will find the very one you want, also, the categories are still being improved constantly. [caption id="attachment_750" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Chinatungsten on Pad... ...Read More>>

Chinatungsten’s Marching into Weixin Circle

It has been couple weeks for Chinatungsten Online being operated on Sina Weibo-platform, like it?? Whatever, God knows that Chinatungsteners are those who live in competition and would never be satisfied with present/proudly( ̄︶ ̄). So, hereby I wanna announce the latest dynamic of Chinatungsten Online :marching into Weixin public zone. Being onlookers has never been Chinatungsten style, so, how could us not join U guys on the heated Weixin circle? The same as you follow our weibo account, just need to search our Chinese name-”中钨在线”, or just scan the belowing QR-code,... ...Read More>>

A Race against TIME!

Sept. 26th, huh? Increasingly clse to our national day, so you guys must be rather excited. So do I. But, I have to keep a cool head, cuz there will be a race against TIME tomorrow! Well, U don’t have to feel pathetic about me, for having our 32 boxes of tungsten carbide rods(almost 1.2MT) finished is indeedly quite comforting, Ahaa…It’s not rare for Chinatungsten to have orders like this, but what makes us stressed is that all those rods must be tested in couple of hours, or we won’t catch up with the sailing date to American. Wish U guys have a sweet dream and we̵... ...Read More>>

AliAli, U Really Make Me Dizzy!!

CALM DOWN, CALM DOWN…that’s what I say the most myself recently. China tungsten Online has set up its own Ali-shop, have U once visited? If the answer is NO, U R OUT, to some degree∩_∩! It’s my first time to operate the backstage of Alibaba, so I must confess that it really drives me crazy with those Ali stuff in those days. However, it’s really excited to put all my cutey tungsten carbide products for sale. (tungsten carbide rod, tungsten carbide ball, tungsten carbide plate, tungsten carbide buttons, tungsten carbide seals…U know what? I finally gotta make t... ...Read More>>