Happy New Year, People!

I choose not to go for breaks this noon, to look back into the past year I went through. I still remember in the last day of 2013, I was sitting at the reading room in the library to review my lesson and prepared for the final examination. But now, I sit in China tungsten and doing tungsten carbide business with people all over the world.

Time flies, I’m now not a student any more, during the year of 2013, I had my taste changed, I had my hair cut and, I found China tungsten. I did not spend lots of time hanging out with my dear friends any longer, for I had things much more important to deal with. I started to communicate with foreigners of various races, I sold tungsten carbide products all around the world, I’m now equipped with CAD skill and most significantly, I met those guys here, in China tungsten.

The following’s China tungsten’s Time-axis during 2013, I just want U to know, that I did, do and will feel how U feel anyway…(CCCClick into pics for more detail! ∩_∩)

Chin Tungsten's Big Day

China Tungsten’s Big Day

China Tungsten's Fire Safty Training

China Tungsten’s Fire Safty Training

China Tungsten's Ali-shop

China Tungsten’s Ali-shop

China Tungsten's Mid-Autumn Activity

China Tungsten’s Mid-Autumn Activity

China Tungsten's Website for PAD

China Tungsten’s Website for PAD

China tungsten's X-mas Cake

China tungsten’s X-mas Cake

Part of China Tungsten's Family

Part of China Tungsten Family

There rushed plentys of pleasant moments into my head, then I realized that, what a fruitful 2013 I had! Here let’s say farewell to the past 2013 and look forward to the coming 2014. Oh, did I tell you that China tungsten will bring up more surprises?? Let’s just wait and see…