Do Not Really Know Tungsten Heater Much

Even though both pure tungsten and tungsten carbide are all tungsten products, however, I must confess that I really don’t know much about Joanne’s tungsten heater, about what types of tungsten wire is it used? Or how to put them into application?  All I know is that everytime our manufacturing department finished the production, it would spark a heated inspection on those tungsten heater, for that was really quite a large project (usually, thousands of tungsten heater should be rearranged), and we just sit around and make them in certain order.

China Tungsten’s tungsten heaters are in the shape of spiral, with two hooks on the both ends, which increases the difficulty to re-arrange the layout of tungsten heater.  When heater are finished, they were all trapped together and in a total chaos, so we will rearrange the order, for the convenience of our customers using. U can see the following package for reference. How considerable, aren’t we!

Compared with tungsten carbide, tungsten heater seems lighter. I don’t really understand how our customers use it! So? Any of you knows about them? Just share with us.