Please Remember What Are We Doing

In a few days ago, I read an article on the internet and I want to share with you. The content are shown in the following: [caption id="" align="alignright" width="294"] Thinking[/caption] Sometimes I forget why I’m doing, what I’m doing. Have you ever done that? I’m not just talking about a memory problem, although that’s possible too. I have called someone because I want to tell them something. And then, after just choosing the place for a while, not talking about anything particular. Well, I forget why I called that person in the first place. That’s a memory p... ...Read More>>

Are You Ready To Step Across 2013 To 2014

Today is December 31, 2013 which is the last day in 2013. Tonight, are you ready to step across 2013 to 2014? Who will be with you together, your families? Girl/boy friend? Inner honey? Colleagues? Or? In the last hours of 2013, what do you want to do? Is there any special things? Maybe, someone will still on duty to finish the remained work; have a perfect dinner with your families or girl/boy friend; go to the cinema to watch a great film; be busy to prepare the plan for January 1, 2014 which is the only one and first holiday in a new year. For me, I will try my best to finish the work as so... ...Read More>>

Happy New Year, People!

I choose not to go for breaks this noon, to look back into the past year I went through. I still remember in the last day of 2013, I was sitting at the reading room in the library to review my lesson and prepared for the final examination. But now, I sit in China tungsten and doing tungsten carbide business with people all over the world. Time flies, I’m now not a student any more, during the year of 2013, I had my taste changed, I had my hair cut and, I found China tungsten. I did not spend lots of time hanging out with my dear friends any longer, for I had things much more important to... ...Read More>>