Nice Business Trip!

Well, we always try to get ourselves busy, so as to make us feel substantial. For me, apart from dealing with all the tungsten carbide biz in the office, I have to confess that, going for business trips and paying visits to our customers make our days more enrich.

I have just been back from the three-day’s business trip to some of our tungsten carbide and molybdenum customers with Hanns and Joanne yesterday. We did not often go for these trips because of our busy production schedule and daily stuff, but after all, customers have the invitation and needs, of course we would go, no matter they need any technical support or business communication. Besides these, we can also have the opportunity having close communication on their needs and problems, instead of sitting in front of computers, and we will find better solutions for them and improve our service.



The followings are some photos on our way……