Tungsten Carbide Dies’ Doneness!

It really brings me a fantastic mood when I came to office this morning that our workers have finally finished the 5,000 pieces of tungsten carbide dies during the past weekend. Even there is still one week left before the delivery date, however, shipping goods during the holidays is definitely a chilling thing, isn’t it? And I bet most of manufacturer as China tungsten cannot agree more… [caption id="attachment_1704" align="aligncenter" width="300"] tungsten-carbide-die-1[/caption] I just went to the inspection department to take some photos for our customer, and even though IR... ...Read More>>

My Tungsten-like Colleagues in China Tungsten!!!

I hate summer, personally speaking. Just as what I always like to say: If one can choose the way he die, how I wish to be frozen to death. There is a large cabinet-type air conditioner in each office of China tungsten. And every year when summer comes, I hope they will be on operation through all the whole days. However, pitifully other girls in our office don’t like working all day under cool air condition, that was totally a disaster for me. So I often make fun of them that they are my tungsten-like colleagues. [caption id="attachment_1683" align="aligncenter" width="300"] tungsten-car... ...Read More>>

Getting Discs Right on the Dot!!!

Today, by the end of August, we finally get another batches of tungsten carbide discs finished right on dot. Just like other manufacturers, we always adhered to the tenet that Customers First! So most of the time, when they asked for sooner delivery time, we would try our best to meet it, and in most cases, we did make it. You see, today our workers finally get those tungsten carbide discs finished just before the deadline, and that was really quite a relief…Well done, guys!!! [caption id="attachment_1670" align="aligncenter" width="300"] CTOMS’-tungsten-carbide-disc[/caption] &nbs... ...Read More>>

Valentine’s in China Tungsten Again!

Another Valentine is coming…So, is the guy or girl staying by your side remain the same as last year? Early when we came into the office, there already sparked a heated debate over tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day. Girls are dicussing over the bunches of roses on the desk, and guessing whose they are…Well, of course they are not mine, and like always, they are for our cutey Cher’s and beauty Emily’s. How romantic and sweet…../Jealousy-ing ∩_∩ [caption id="attachment_1633" align="alignleft" width="200"] Valentine’s Flowers-1[/caption] [caption id="a... ...Read More>>

Never Too Late 2-B Brand-new

Recently, as we’re approaching our Chinese New Year holidays, China tungsten is busy collecting various advises to prepare for ushering in a much more fruitful and brand-new coming new year, cuz we firmly believe that, It’s never too late to be Brankde That act has now become a routine of China tungsten, which says everyone should put forward some valuable suggestios or advises to express your best expectations of the future of China tungsten, even I think it’s already quite perfect  in many aspects. However, sometimes we really need to get something new and carve out a b... ...Read More>>

A Yacht Trip for China Tungsteners

Xiamen is an island locates in the south-eastern part of Fujian province. As a coastline city, the shipping industry proves to be quite developed, so as its recreational activities at sea. Just the other day, Hanns took us several China tungsteners to take a Yacht for sightseeing, of course, he was the helmsman. It was an fantastic trip. Both the whether and Yacht were quite geilivable. If I’m not mistaken, there’s some parts of the yacht are made by tungsten alloy, right? I refer you to this article Tungsten Alloy In Yacht, for more details.∩_∩ [caption id="attachment_774" ali... ...Read More>>

Come On, It’s SHOW TIME!

Ashley’s gonna be off for 3 days, which makes me nervous, but excited at the same time(actually more nerves than excitement, TT). Cuz, the 3-day will be my show time, can I hold it? Let’s just wait and see.. I’m always afraid of weekend, for I kept quite short memories. With so many tungsten carbide inquiries and orders everyday, that would be a total disaster, isn’t it? Cuz after my two days’ holiday, I may forget things happened during last week. Ashley always remind plenty of tungsten carbide business stuff, but now she’s gone, I have to count on myself. ... ...Read More>>

Perception in Chinatungsten

Just a couple of days ago, the pond lily in Chinatungsten came out. Pitifully, I missed the best time,cuz they had fell into sleep. Then I realize that what a careless life I had been leading. Hanns was the only one noticed this, now I just can’t tell, is it because Hanns loves nature more or Sarah, Yu & Tang have been too busy with those tungsten carbide or molybdenum stuff. Whatever, U miss it, U miss it! Except the pond lily, there are many other plants in Chinatungsten. You see, today we have our hibiscus came out too. I’ve never seen how it looks like, now I just can’... ...Read More>>