Impressions of《解密无印良品》

These days, I spared my time to enjoying study a useful book named 《解密无印良品》recommended by Dr. Hanns, and just deeply touched by some views in that book, and my thoughts are complete charged unconsciously in some degree.
This is a book stated that how a enterprise to do its sales management and sales promotion effectively, which are understood easily by citing some vivid examples and implements from the band of 无印良品. Here I would like to share some impressions combined to my own experiences:
1.Working schedule is the most important before action. If you do not have a clear working aim, you will be blind in the real practice, especially for a company, having a clear aim and making a working plan will improve the working effective.
2. Having operation specification for every working process
It is vital to have make every step clear for each staff what they to do and how they to do.
3. Sharing both of success and failures experiences with others
Sharing could reach a common progress for a team. Also it could save the time and have a bright way for success.
4.Expanding your knowledge by using every chance during working
To be humble, and it’s never too old to learn.
5.Punctuality is necessary to success.
I have a deeply common sense with this, it dose not only mean you need to know clear and finish the work before the specified date, but you should have a good control and to be the mater of time. I confess that I am not a punctual person, always realizing fully it is not a good life style, and are trying to change myself.
All the above are just a little impression of 《解密无印良品》, and there are some many other views mentioned in that book worthy of reading and study. If you would like to have new band thoughts about effective life, I strongly recommend sparing your time for that book.