How to Say It

Recently I read a book <How to Say it>. This book covers almost every common used topic that we may need to write a letter or an email in our daily life and work. Although communication via phone and many software take a large part in information exchange, letter and email is more formal  which remains a staple of business success and also an effective way to express your feeling and emotion.

Just like speaking, writing is also a kind of art. As we know that information sent out by voice can easily be forgotten, however, once the letter is sent out, it can not be changed. As a result, no matter in the expression or the content of a letter, it should be seriously considered before being sent out.

Here I want to share some key points when writing a letter / e-mail:

In business:

1. Double check every e-mail address before sending your message.

2. No matter what the content is (it may be just a short sentence or some word), always remember the salutation. It is basic politeness which will give the receiver a good impression.

3. The format of the letter. It makes the letter look more formal and convincible.

4. The tone of the letter. Usually a business letter should not include your personal feelings.

5. If you need reply an e-mail/letter which covers many questions, list your answers with number mark so it would be easier to understand, it indicates your patience and circumspection.

6. A business e-mail/letter seldom uses abbreviations like ASAP of FYI, it is informal.

7. Reply the letter/e-mail promptly. Normally it should be replied within 24 hours. If you can not supply the information immediately, let the senders know that you have received the letter and will give him a response as soon as possible.

Letter/e-mail to your family or friends:

Usually letters or e-mail between family and friends are about your recent life, study, work, relationships, etc. Always express how excited you’re for receiving their letters. For the good news, congratulates first and send your best wishes. For the grieving news, express how sorry you are. The most important one is, never write about your anger in the letter even if you really are. Because even if you two make peace, some day when the person read the letter again, there will always be a scar that can not be make up. And some times when you want to express your love or gratitude to your family or friends and you are shy about saying it directly, letter/e-mail is always the best choice!