Little Molybdenum Heating Elements

Have a nice day. Congratulations, my little molybdenum heating elements have been finished today. It is Mo rod whose ends have been rounded and the specification is Ø1.0 mm X 10.15 mm, the tolerance is Diameter: +/-0.025 mm, Length: +/-0.05 mm, the surface is washed by alkaline. It is made of molybdenum whose purity is 99.95% and reference density is 10.2 g/cm3. May be now you are thinking about what is it? What dose it looks like? Well, if you want to find the TRUTH just view the following photos which are taken by me. (Like the saying TRUTH COMES FROM PHOTOS) [caption id="attachment_11... ...Read More>>

Molybdenum Copper Alloy – Chinatungsten Online

Have a nice day.Congratulations, my MoCu alloy products which contain Mo70Cu30 and Mo90Cu10 sheets and rods have been finished today, and I arranged the shipment a few minutes ago. MoCu alloy is one of the molybdenum alloy products. It is also written as molybdenum copper alloy, MoxCuy (the “x”, “y” means the content of Mo and Cu), Mo-Cu alloy etc. In the all, molybdenum copper alloy is the most widely used. Molybdenum copper alloy is made of molybdenum (Mo) and copper (Cu). It has excellent properties such as high electrically and thermal conductive, low coefficient of thermal expansi... ...Read More>>