Molybdenum Disilicide Rod/Mosi2 Heating Element

Molybdenum disilicide rod also called /MoSi2 rod, heater, heating element etc. It is used as heating element used in air to heat furnaces to a temperature as high as 1850°C (3360°F). The followign is the applications of MoSi2 heatinf element: -Laboratory furnace -Industrial furnace -Sintering furnace -Glass melting furnace -Testing equipment -Heat treatment -Metal sintering [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="288"] U type MoSi2 Heating Elemnts[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignright" width="285"] Mosi2 Heating Elements In Bottom Loading Furnace[/caption] Atmosphere UT-1700 UT-1800... ...Read More>>

Long Time No See, My Dear Mr.Sunshine

It is so a long, long, long time no see you, my dear Mr. Sunshine and everyone is so desirous to you and miss you so much. Well, today, the raining days have been over and the sunny day comes, the sunshine covered all over the earth and do you have a nice mood? Yes, I do. It has been a long time for me not writes my Chinatungsten Online blog for my busy molybdenum business. Everyday, the large amount inquiries of molybdenum products such as molybdenum rod, MHC allot, TZM alloy, MoSi2 rod which is also called molybdenum disilicide heating element, molybdenum copper alloy ( Mo60Cu40/Mo70Cu30/Mo8... ...Read More>>

Little Molybdenum Heating Elements

Have a nice day. Congratulations, my little molybdenum heating elements have been finished today. It is Mo rod whose ends have been rounded and the specification is Ø1.0 mm X 10.15 mm, the tolerance is Diameter: +/-0.025 mm, Length: +/-0.05 mm, the surface is washed by alkaline. It is made of molybdenum whose purity is 99.95% and reference density is 10.2 g/cm3. May be now you are thinking about what is it? What dose it looks like? Well, if you want to find the TRUTH just view the following photos which are taken by me. (Like the saying TRUTH COMES FROM PHOTOS) [caption id="attachment_11... ...Read More>>

Please Be Gentle To MoSi2 Heating Elements

Good day to you, all my dear friends. Have you ever seen MoSi2 heating elements? What does it looks like? What is it used for? Get these questions and follow with me to search for the answers in the next. MoSi2 is the chemical formula of molybdenum disilicide. MoSi2 heating elements are made of molybdenum disicilide powder. What properties does it have? MoSi2 heating elements physics and chemistry characters: 1. Physics Characters  Volume Density Bending Strength  Vickers Hardness  Porosity Water absorption  Heating Elongation Rate  5.5  g/cm3  15-25 kg/cm3  (HV)570kg/mm2  7.4% ... ...Read More>>