Hey,Do You Wanna To Join Us With Chinatungsten?

Welcome the Spring Festival’s coming; Chinatungsten holds table tennis and darts matches. Well, everyone gets the chance to join in.

At last night, we just finished the semifinal of table tennis, which is amazed and excited. On Wednesday, we balloted to determine who and who to against, everyone has 11 balls and who lose full is the fail one. In women’s team, there were 4 groups in total, while the men’s 3. Assuring LADY FIRST, the matches begun. Everyone was full of excitement and nervous, for me, I just took it easy for my poor technology. Haha~

Joanne to Ms. Li/Yuri to Ms. Chen/Cloudy to Ms. Lin/Elva to Ms. Hu
After an exciting race, the winners are Joanne, Ms Chen, Cloudy and Ms. Hu. That to say, they got the chance to take apart in semifinal. Congratulations to them.


Alfred PK Vinson – Chinatungsten’s Table Tennis Match

Happy Time

Happy Time – Chinatungsten’s Table Tennis Match

Alfred PK Vinson - Chinatungsten's Table Tennis Match

Great – Chinatungsten’s Table Tennis Match

Joanne PK Ms.Hu- Chinatungsten's Table Tennis Match

Joanne PK Ms.Hu- Chinatungsten’s Table Tennis Match

The later time was the Chinatungsten’ Man showing time; welcome Hanns, Alfred, Vinson, Mr. Huang and Mr. Zhang. Bling, bling….with many clap and flowers. The first is Hanns against to Mr. Huang who is the fresh in table tennis playing, but he did a good job and defeated Hanns. Just as the saying goes NO PAIN NO GAIN and now he gained, Good boy~ Then Vinson played to Mr. Zhang who is the understated guy and good at playing table tennis in our company, but Vinson is also skilled one, well it made the match became much more suspenseful and fun. After long time PK, Mr. Zhang is the winner. That is not enough, THE MOST POWERFUL ONE ALWAYS TURNS UP IN THE LAST SECOND, have you guessed who is? That is right, he is Alfred. He against to Hanns and the final result is 3:11; he won with the beautiful posture and good skill. Just brought a wonderful match to all of us. At last, Alfred, Mr. Zhang, Vinson and Mt.Huang went in the semifinal.

Tonight, we will have the Women’s, Men’s finals and mixed doubles for table tennis. I am looking forward, and you?