Welcome, Little Tungsten Carbide Baby

Have a nice day. Can you feel that there is something different as usual? Well, I feel it. May be you are guessing what is the different thing I referred, Ahaha~ just because our charger of tungsten carbide department Ashley just gave birth to her little baby in this morning. That is great news. The whole Chiantungsten wishes best to her and her baby. Welcome him to this new world and be one member in this big world family. May be he will be the new successor of our Chinatungsten tungsten carbide business. Haha~ Ashley is the charger of tungsten carbide in Chinatunsgten and she does a good job... ...Read More>>

Eat Persimmon, No Running Noses

Good morning, everyone! Have a nice day. “Eat Persimmon, No Running Noses” which just says the “Hoar-FrostFalls” in China. Yesterday is the “Hoar-FrostFalls” in China, which usually happens on October 23 each year when the sun reaches thecelestial longitude of 210 degrees. Most areas along the Yellow River have frost falling. As the last solar term in autumn, temperature in many places reach 0 degree Celsius. The vapor in the air freezes on the ground in the form of tiny ice needles or hexagonalflower shapes. The leaves fall and worms stop eating and prepare for hibernatio... ...Read More>>