Do You Know MHC Alloy?

Said MHC, what do you think in your head when you see or hear these words first time? Major histocompatibility complex? A band? A trademark? Or ? There many things may you gotten in your head as the different things around you. Here, MHC is the short for Molybdenum Hafnium Carbon, which is one alloy of molybdenum alloy. It has better properties than unalloyed molybdenum. Let me tell you the detail information about it. Let us find it together in the following. MHC alloy also named Mo-Hf-C alloy or molybdenum hafnium carbon alloy, add the Hf instead of Ti and formation of two-phase organization... ...Read More>>

A Yacht Trip for China Tungsteners

Xiamen is an island locates in the south-eastern part of Fujian province. As a coastline city, the shipping industry proves to be quite developed, so as its recreational activities at sea. Just the other day, Hanns took us several China tungsteners to take a Yacht for sightseeing, of course, he was the helmsman. It was an fantastic trip. Both the whether and Yacht were quite geilivable. If I’m not mistaken, there’s some parts of the yacht are made by tungsten alloy, right? I refer you to this article Tungsten Alloy In Yacht, for more details.∩_∩ [caption id="attachment_774" ali... ...Read More>>