Do You Know MHC Alloy?

Said MHC, what do you think in your head when you see or hear these words first time? Major histocompatibility complex? A band? A trademark? Or ? There many things may you gotten in your head as the different things around you. Here, MHC is the short for Molybdenum Hafnium Carbon, which is one alloy of molybdenum alloy. It has better properties than unalloyed molybdenum. Let me tell you the detail information about it. Let us find it together in the following.

MHC alloy also named Mo-Hf-C alloy or molybdenum hafnium carbon alloy, add the Hf instead of Ti and formation of two-phase organization to improve the strengthen of molybdenum alloy.

The degree of deformation processing and heat treatment conditions has a great influence on the performance of MHC alloy. In the MHC alloy series, Mo-1Hf-0.05C alloy which is processed into by a spindle by powder metallurgy, when reached 60% deformation by wrought its tensile strength would be 20% higher than TZM in 950 ~ 1250℃ and the direction of elongation is 5~10%.


MHC Parts

TZM Rods

MHC Rods

The chemical composition of MHC alloy is given in the following table.

Element Content (%)
Molybdenum, Mo ≥98.43
Hafnium, Hf 0.80-1.4
Carbon, C  0.050-0.15
Iron, Fe ≤0.010
Nickel, Ni  ≤0.0050
Silicon, Si ≤0.0050

The mechanical properties of MHC alloy are tabulated below.

Properties Metric  Imperial
Tensile strength(mid-radius) ≥689 MPa ≥100 ksi
Yield strength(mid-radius)  ≥586 MPa ≥85 ksi
Elongation at Break (mid-radius) ≥3% ≥3%
Hardness, Vickers ≤34 ≤34

MHC alloy is used in the following applications:

1. Metal forming – making extrusion dies
2. Extrusion of copper and copper alloys
3. Molten metal processing

That is the MHC alloy in metal industyr, have you gotten clearly about it? If not, please feel free to contact us.