The CAD Training Of Chinatungsten Online Friends

These days we have a CAD training in Chantungsten Online by the teacher who named Vinson. CAD, do you know what it means? Ahha~ CAD is a short for Computer Assistant Design ,which is the tool for drawing and design. CAD is an important symbol to measure the level of a country’s technological and industrial modernization. It is widely used not only in the field of mechanical engineering, construction works but also in the environmental engineering .

CAD has more advantages than traditional drawing board. There is an formula on CAD in the following:

CAD = design + CAD software applications
Designers draw CAD drawings according to the two essential conditions as followed:
1.Mastering design methods of environmental engineering
2.Knowing how to use the CAD software very clearly

CAD drawing is language of engineers. Why do we say that? Please get the answers in the next section.

Design department expresses design intent and ideas by drawings and the production department gets the guidance in processing and manufacturing by understand the drawings. By designing and analyzing the drawings, we can know the correct idea of the products.

So, it is necessary, urgent and important to grasp this skill for we need understand the drawing from customers, such as rod, plate, tube, parts etc which is made of molybdenum, pure tungsten, tungsten carbide or tungsten heavy alloy.

In the CAD training, I find that it is quite different from what we have lessons in the university because now we get more chances and less time to do it by ourselves, that also means we need grasp it quickly and adept.

After training we have the many exercises and the following drawings are mine. Haha~ they are just one part of mine. Come on, just keep moving on, my dear Chinatungtsen partners.

Mo Alloy Parts - CAD Drawing By Chinatungsten

Molybdenum Alloy Parts – CAD Drawing By Chinatungsten

Mo Alloy Parts - CAD Drawing By Chinatungsten

Mo Alloy Parts – CAD Drawing By Chinatungsten

It i s never to late to learn~