Year-end Banquet of Chinatungsten

The end of Lunar 2014 for a company is Year-end Banquet, which has been a method for a company to celebrate the success of a year. In Chinatungsten, we also hold this kind of activity, for not only a feast but a great ceremony. All members of Chinatungsten are gathering together to share and remember the past a year. In 2014, Chinatungsten has held lots of activities, including Pingpong competition, Darts competition, Ball checkers for entertainment, and also contract exam, book sharing and learning team for learning more knowledge. At the same time, Chinatungsten has invited hotshots to play... ...Read More>>


进行电脑维修应遵循的基本原则: 一、 进行维修判断须从最简单的事情做起,简单的事情,一方面指观察,另一方面是指简捷的环境。简单的事情就是观察,它包括: 1、 电脑周围的环境情况——位置、电源、连接、其它设备、温度与湿度等; 2、 电脑所表现的现象、显示的内容,及它们与正常情况下的异同; 3、 电脑内部的环境情况——灰尘、连接、器件的颜色、部件的形状、指示灯的状态等。 简捷的环境包括: 1、在判断的环境中,仅包括基本... ...Read More>>