The Ninth Day on the First Month of the Lunar Year

Today is the ninth day on the first month of the Lunar Year, the Jade Emperor’s (commonly known as God) birthday. It is a festival in the southern region of Fujian province and Han folk of Taiwan Province. Local people attach great importance to this day, so it is excitement as much as New Year’s Eve. Close to this day, every household will clean house, make many food as offerings to pray, such as turtle cakes, etc.

Before the festival, the evening of the eighth day of the Lunar, the whole family must keep wake to midnight. After 12 o’clock, each have lit firecrackers and fireworks, and bowed to the Lord of Heaven, hope the Lord of Heaven bless everyone enjoy a happy, peaceful and long life.

Of course, the program of praying the God is quite complicated. Not only shall we prepare the necessary offerings, but it also requires a lot of props, candles, wine glasses, wine (preferably white), two small pineapple, Jiaobei,  gold paper and two sugar cane. The main programs are: 1. Placed the offerings in the table 2. Lit altar candles 3. Serve three cups tea 4. Burn incense to welcome God 5. Pour a glass of wine 6.  Throwing Jiaobei to ask whether divine troop descending from heaven is coming or not. (God will not come to earth) 7. After the troop coming, it can be toast the second glass of wine. 8. Pray for God, throwing Jiaobei to ask God’s permission. 9. Respect the third wine. 10. Throwing Jiaobei to ask whether God has completed the meal or not. 11. Holding gold paper and firecrackers in both hands to pray God. 12. Burning gold paper and set off firecrackers. 13. Holding wine spilled gold paper, called libation and then dismantling sacrifice.