Last Day of 2015

Nothing special today, but it’s a special day.

Looking back to the past 2015, these important events deserve to be kept in mind:

1.2015.3.3  National Two Meetings was held in Beijing. “Internet Plus” was first put forward by Prime minister Li.

2.2015.4.6  PX project exploded once again in Fujian.

3.2015.6.15  Share A starts to slump.

4.2015.8.12 Severe Explosion in Tianjin.

5.2015.9.3 Military parade for the 70th anniversary of  Anti-Japanese War Victory

6.2015.11.7 Historic meeting of Chairman Xi and Ma Yingjiu in Singapore.

7.2015.12.1 RMB is included into SDR and becomes world currency.

8.2015.12.7 Beijing put on red alert for haze for the first time.

9.2015.12.16 The Second World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen.

10.2015.10 Tu Youyou Won Nobel Prize in medicine.

11.2015.11.12 The fifth edition of RMB was issued.

12.The implement of ” one belt and one road”.

13.The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was established.

14. <The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Agreement> comes into effect on 12.25.


For our personal, we all need to do a reflection:

Did we reached the goals we set at the end of 2014?  If so, what do we get from those acheived performance?

Did things we do in the past 2015 make us a better person? Did those good or bad experiences make us grow up and become more mature?

What is the biggest harvest/progress we obtain/make  in 2015?

What kind of new skills did we get?

Did we do the best to make adjustment for our shortcomings? Do they still exist and will affect your work and life?

And make a plan for the coming 2016, carry it out without any excuse.