The Innovations in Chinatungsten Online

Hey, have a nice day, all my friends.

Today, I just receive my Mo85Cu15 sheet from our produce department which is located in Putian. Well, today is raining day and a little cold. The rainwater hangs in the sky which is covered by the thick clouds. And it just makes us feel repressed and no passion at all. But, whether it is nice or terrible whether or not, we still go on working, for me, I do the usual tasks and reply the emails from our molybdenum customers, who have brought pure molybdenum or molybdenum alloy products. Our regular pure molybdenum / molybdenum alloy products are shown in the following:

Molybdenum wire, there are molybdenum cutting wire, molybdenum spray wire etc;
TZM / TZC / MHC / MoCu / MoW / Molybdenum rod / bar / plate / sheet / foil / target / disc / crucible / boat / nut / bolt / screw etc;
Differernt shapes molybdneum disilicide heatinf element (MoSi2 rod), suhc as U type/ W type/ ARC type etc;
We are able to provide your required molybdenum part for you according to your drawing.

Molybdenum Copper Alloy Products

Molybdenum Copper Alloy Products

Also, Chinatungsten Online are always trying our best to have different innovations in producing, find the way to produce new type molybdenum / tungsten / tungsten carbide / tungsten heavy alloy products and assurance its quality; after trying, we do it. Such as molybdenum copper alloy (Mo60Cu40/Mo70Mo30/Mo85/Cu15/Mo90Cu10 etc.) MHC alloy (the full name is molybdenum hafnium carbon), large dimension molybdenum tungsten alloy (whose length can be reached 1,800mm and with polished surface) etc.

You can find more information about molybdenum and tungsten products by the following links:

If you have any question about Mo/W, please feel free to contact us.