Welcome to Scan Chinatungsten’s QR Code

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As we all known that more and more people know and use QR code whose full name is QUICK RESPONSE CODE and also called 2-D BARCODES. Chinatungsten also gets a Weixin public account named “中钨在线” and a Weixin account called “chinatungsten”. You can scan the QR code by your phone in the following or search for the Weixin account of “chinatungsten” and the Weixin public account “中钨在线”is also valid and press the ATTENTION button then you can get the free service which is supported by Chinatunsgten every working day smoothly.

Welcome to Scan Chinatungsten's QR Code

Welcome to Scan Chinatungsten’s QR Code

After attention, you can enjoy all the free service provided by Chinatungsten which contains newest tungsten and molybdenum price, dynamic, analyze etc and all the messages will be sent to you actively on working day and you do not need to pay any. You can also enter any tungsten or molybdenum related products name and get the newest price for it.

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