The Photography Competition of Chinatungsten

ChinatungstenersChinatungstenersToday, Chinatungsten hold the photography competition. The subject of this photography competition is THE BEATIFUL APRIL DAY. It is held by Yuri and Dr. Hanns and combined with the spring tour activity last Saturday. Everyone elects two photos in the all and then we make the vote. All the photos must be named or described and the voters do not know the photographer of each photo at all. Voting six photos from the all and in the final, we will make out following prize as planed:

First: 1person
Second: 2persons
Third: 4 persons

And each rank can get the related prize. After understanding all the rules then we make the vote. The following time is voting time and the result will be counted by pure tungsten charger Joanne and Yuri who is charge of tungsten carbide. Do you want to know the result? Waiting for my next Bolger and I will show the photos for you.