Chinatungsten English Hand Writing Competition

May 5, Monday, still cloudy day with strong wind~

May, which is the busy month in Chinatungsten because it is the month of our company founded. And we celebrate our anniversary every year, in 2014, Chinatungsten has founded for 18years who has manufactured tungsten and molybdenum almost 2decades. We are becoming better and pursuing process all the time.

English Copybook

One of English Copybook  for Chiantungsteners Practice

Italic English Copybook

Italic English Copybook


Well, let us talk about our English hand writing competition which will be held in May as one activity of company‘s anniversary. All the Chinatungsteners can take apart in this competition and if you want to get the good performance in the competition you need to practice usually. Our CEO Dr. Hanns has bought many English copybooks for our practice and everyone choose the typeface according to self favorites. And I get Italic. I will practice it everyday.

Come on, let us write together~ Just show the best!