Tungsten Alloy Similar to Anviloy 1150

Tungsten heavy alloy similar to the brand name as Anviloy 1150 is a tungsten-based material with adding a few amount of molybdenum, copper, nickel, iron. With low coefficient of thermal expansion, good thermal conductivity and good material properties, tungsten alloy similar to anviloy 1150 can have less thermal fatigue and soldering in the die cast or extrusion.

When the mold has to repeatedly withstand the metal melt at a temperature of over 600℃, we will offer tungsten heavy metal alloy similar to Anviloy 1150 or for your choice.

We will supply tungsten alloy similar to Anviloy 1150 mold inserts, sprue bushes, cooling inserts and other individual parts for die casting, aluminum permanent mold, and difficult extrusions.

151130-tungsten alloy rod