Tungsten Market: Winter is Coming

With the finish of hot American TV Series <Game of Thrones> Season 6, ‘the winter is really coming’ after all these 6 seasons. All of us have an expectation for who will finally reign the seven kingdoms and let’s wait and see what will happen in Season 7 in 2017.

Coincidentally, tungsten market has entered the traditional slack season in July and August with the break of European & American countries. That’s why we say that ‘winter is coming’.

National tungsten market has been settled in an awkard situation for a long time. Not only for the decreased demand, but also the uncertainty sentiment of market participants. The summer break of European and American countries will absolutely have negative influence on the tungsten market. However, price of tungsten shall never fall to such a low level. After all, the value of tungsten is far from this. In October, 2015, national tungsten products price slacked to the bottom since 2004. All the special factors brew and cause the result. People would reckon that will tungsten price falls again to the bottom of last year?

Since May, 2016, price of APT falls down for 30 thousand RMB/ton since it increases about 130 thousand RMB/ton, which has been just a month. It that were not enough, tungsten slack season is coming which results in delay of recovery. Price of APT has been below 100 thousand RMB/ton, will it be below 90 thousand/ton? Since the winter is already coming, we should focus on how to stay warm and struggle through this period instead of talking about the temperature.

Tungsten powder purchase amount has shown the backdrop, as well as tungsten carbide products. Although the market is depressed, the falling and increasing of price has its own sequence. All of us should have a rational reflection on this serious situation. The falling of price is not necessarily a good thing, it would be best chance for regular customers to purchase some stock. There may be downtick anytime due to special reasons of funds, stock, product and customer. Manufacturer should have the theory of always keep the quality of products. Customer service and comprehensive strength are the key points in such depressed market.

Let’s keep enthusiastic attitude to stay optimistic for the ‘winter’ of tungsten market in such hot hot summer.