Into the Nature, Into the Future

Fifty years after the appearance of the insects, the eco system on earth would collapse, while fifty years after the deletion of human beings from the earth, the life would flourish. This deductive example reveals how we humans are much more dependent on the nature than on ourselves, but nature is on itself only. To the extreme, we are meaningless to the nature, but nature has full meaning to us. We are ultimately the imitators of the nature, no matter how our science and technology have or will develop. The Chinese medical scientist Tu You You, who won the Nobel Prize recently, shall have lau... ...Read More>>

Mooncake Gambling or Lucky Dice Game or BoBing?

Rather than call it Mooncake Gambling or Gambling Cake, I would prefer to calling  it Lucky Dice game or a direct “BOBING” where an English express is necessary. —-This is my first time to give a consideration on the translation of the game played during Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (or Moon Festival). The game named “BoBing” in Chinese pronuncitation  denotes a pleasant game taken part in before/on the Mid-Auntumn Festival usually by a family or a group of related people where they cast dices trying to get the toppest award called “ZhuangYuan”, but m... ...Read More>>