Molybdenum Hanger – Just Like A Key

It has been a long time no sees everybody. How is everything going on with you, my dears? It is so busy this period and what I am busy for? Ahha~ of course, I was busy for my work, my cute molybdenum products, like molybdenum rod which contains ground and not ground, molybdenum tube, molybdenum bar, molybdenum wire for heating, TZM bar, TZM foil, TZM tube etc. It just a little part of my molybdenum products. Now, follow with me. Do you see the picture in the following? Does it look like a key, a hairpin or a logo for peace? In my opinion, it just likes a key, and you? [caption id="attachment_8... ...Read More>>

Are U Looking for Tungsten Carbide Cutters?

I did had quite good mood for the smooth traffic and not being late this morning, but not any more until I found that I had spent the whole morning with business which is none of my task. As a professional tungsten carbide manufacturer and supplier, China tungsten provides customers with various types of tungsten carbide products, including the cutters with customized specifications. So today, one of our customers sent an email  with 10 drawings attached  inquiring for cutters, well, I must confess it was my fault for not noticing the material requirements. But, actually, its quite like tung... ...Read More>>