Molybdenum Spray Wire

What is molybdenum spray wire?

Molybdenum spray is used as a thin coating on the surface of automobile components subjected to wear, such as piston rings, gearbox synchromesh parts, selector forks, etc. Molybdenum spray wire is also sprayed onto machine parts such as bearing for repair purposes.

Detail information:

Materials: pure molybdenum, Mo>99. 95% , impurities <0. 05% , each element content <0. 01%

Appearance: Molybdenum spray wire is covered with graphite. After removed graphite, it is metallic luster.

Molybdenum Spray Wire

Molybdenum Spray Wire

Grade Mo-1 Grade Mo-1
The impurity content is not more than % Pb The impurity content is not more than % Si 0.003
Bi Ca 0.002
Sn Mg 0.002
Sb P 0.001
Cd C 0.020
Fe 0.006 O 0.003
Ni 0.003 N 0.003
Al 0.002

Molybdenum spray wire Properties:
1. The weight of single wire is up to 20-25kg without any welded joint, which results in enhancing the efficiency and decreasing the operating costs.
2. Diameter: According to your requirement
3. Tolerance: According to your requirement
4. Tensile strength: >700-900N / mm2
5. Elongation: >20-5%

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