Molybdenum Sintered Rod

Hello, do you know what molybdenum sintered rod is?
En, molybdenum sintered rod is one product of molybdenum. It is sintered by molybdenum powder and then formed into rod. The density is 9.0~9.7g/cm3, purity is 99.9%.

What features does molybdenum sintered rod has?
It possesses the feature of high melting point, high purity, high density and excellent high-temperature proof of creep deformation.

Black Molybdenum Rods

Black Molybdenum Rods

What molybdenum sintered rod used for?
1. The mainly application of molybdenum sintered rod is in the processing of steel, which can improve its strength and wear resistance.
2. As the raw material, molybdenum sintered rod is mainly used in pulling molybdenum wire and forging molybdenum rod;
3. It is also widely applied for electrodes, screw, heating element in high-temperature furnace, rabbles in rare earth smelting industry, heating electrodes in glass industry and support of lamp in the lighting industry, etc;
4. Molybdenum sintered rods are extensively used in the industries of metallurgy glass, ceramic refractory, crystal electronic device, furnace-manufacture, etc;
5. They are essential ideal elements when the products are agglomerating in the high temperature.

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