Cute Molybdenum Pins

Molybdenum pins are used for manufacturing halogen automotive lamps, as sealed lead-wire through hard-glass. The molybdenum pins are doped molybdenum wires. The arc-height of a wire sample of 200mm length, located on a glass plate, can be not greater relative to the imaginary string than 20mm. The pins have a very smooth and bright surface and the surface free of stain, dirt, oxides, drawing tracks, scratches and damages.

We are the main manufacturer and exporter of molybdenum pins in China and We have many years’ experience in this field.

Molybdenum Pins

Molybdenum Pins

Properties of molybdenum pins:

Recrystallization temperature between 1500℃ and 1700℃
Tensile strength of molybdenum pins: 900N/mm2min
Elongation of molybdenum pins: 15%-20%
Diameter of standard molybdenum pin : 0.6mm, 0.5mm,0.4mm
Tolerance of mo pin or mo pins: ±2%, or make as customer requirements

We can make it according to customers’ drawing, sample or sketch; Free samples of molybdenum pins are available for testing, welcome to contact us and hope to cooperate with your esteemed company!